Does hypnosis really work? -

Does hypnosis really work?

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A transformational life coach who asks, listens, reflects and understands how to make action plans simple and personal change effective.

Hypnosis provides and atmosphere to address change. It does not take control of the individual. It does offer control to the individual as they are led into the area of focus or purpose of the session. Results are based on a choice and commitment to perform and hypnosis acts as a support system for change. The experience I've had with it allows the individual to see themselves as they are and as they wish to be with a bridge for getting there. I prefer the deeper work hypnosis can provide, though, rather than addictions or behaviors.

Jenny Sieck
I'm an Intuitive Counselor who listens deeply beneath the surface & helps you grow your own inner voice so you can manifest your dreams.

Hypnosis is a process. It has to do with blending certain psychological functions, that of the unconscious and the conscious parts of the mind. In many people, and in Western culture especially, these two parts of Self remain distinct and disconnected. In most people a strict separation between the unconscious and conscious parts of the self exists. Getting the two to start speaking is super important though. Additionally, The parts of ourselves that are unconscious often shape the way we automatically do and view things. So we need to get the two sides of the self to both speak together, that of the intuitive and the rational. Both are needed to change behavior in a long-term meaningful way. Clearly, we need both of these parts to manifest our dreams and live optimally.The more we can create a bridge between the unconscious or hidden parts of the self and the conscious and easily seen and accessed parts the more we can utilize the body's, mind's and hearts innate inner wisdom, creativity, memory and healing capacity. So this means that what is needed from the client is motivation for change and curiosity... And sometimes this can happen very quickly... When you come to it with this approach, yes, it does have a pretty high level of success. And depending on the depth of the issue you are addressing , and these two characteristics, it can take a series of sessions to see the changes you desire. Everyone is different. Hope this is helpful to you!

Masters Level Hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist

Hypnosis is a powerful tool aide in accessing and rewiring your subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is that driving part of our mind. The conscious mind is our thinking mind. It's always thinking, thinking, thinking, but whats driving those thoughts is our subconscious mind. Until you change your beliefs at a subconscious level using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) which utilizes hypnosis to allow your nervous system to relax enough to access your subconscious beliefs, you'll always have that issue. Hypnosis is a natural state. If you've ever driven from home to work and wondered how you got there, that's hypnosis. If you've ever read a book or watched a movie and caught yourself thinking, what did I just read or watch? That's hypnosis. It's a very natural state. Nothing to be feared or afraid of and absolutely works as a powerful tool to change the neuro pathways in your brain and a tremendous tool in healing and changing deep within. You change what your mind says to you using hypnosis and you change the life you live. Our minds are the most powerful tools we have and we can access them using hypnosis.

Jennifer Davoust, C.H.t
Self Love Specialist, Hypnotherapist, and Host of The Tune Into You meditation podcast.

Hypnosis is a little different than it is commonly portrayed in the media today. The hypnotic or trance state can be produced in a number of ways. You go in and out of light levels of trance on a daily basis.

If you've ever driven on autopilot and missed your exit or realized you don't remember driving home, you were in hypnosis. Hypnosis for therapeutic purposes has been shown extremely effective for all kinds of behavioral change and pain management.

Your subconscious mind regulates everything from heart rhythm to nerve responses. In hypnosis, it is possible to communicate and influence this part of the mind for your benefit. However, the subconscious mind will always protect you. It cannot be influenced in any way that it may perceive as a threat to your overall wellbeing.

The reason hypnosis is so effective is because it's used to help all the parts of your mind to create a healthier you.

Mindi Hylton

Yes! Hypnosis really does work, You have to want it and be open to receiving it, also you are in control the whole time, the method I do (QHHT) you get emotional healing and sometimes physical healing if appropriate! Its connecting with your subconscious and getting the answers to questions that you may have about health/physical issues, life questions, curiosity questions, etc. but you also have to continue doing the work after your session or whatever issues you were having will come back. Hope this helps with your question! :)

Susan Bare
I help you, heal you.

It is a great way to soothe your mind. Some people think that being hypnotized that somehow the person doing the hypnosis can magically control you. This is not entirely true, yes they can "make" you do things, however, you must be willing to do it.
I hope I explained that right. If not, you are getting sleepy, so sleepy...

Tasi Jensen
As a Holistic Health Practitioner, I work with all aspects of a person's being and help people overcome severe emotional trauma, mental illness, and physical dis-ease; creating vitality and happiness.

My first response is "Yes".
And, perhaps you could define your terms... what do you mean by "work"?
Many people have used hypnosis to quit smoking or another addiction as well as for improving their mood or productivity, etc.
What are you wanting to accomplish with hypnosis?

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