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How do I know if I need to see a colon hydrotherapist?

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I recommend cleansing enemas often for my clients with chronic constipation. The bowels must be removing wastes from the body regularly for toxic material to be eliminated. Good health is difficult unless there is consistent elimination.

Therefore, if there is a compelling reason one cannot (will not?) successfully perform an enema I suggest colon hydrotherapy. It is a pleasant alternative to home enemas.

In addition, a colon hydrotherapist can instill water higher and further in the bowel than the typical home enema plus there is no need to get up to go to the toilet - the hydrotherapy equipment removes water and waste.

It is also informative to have a trained hydrotherapist examine the results of the enema as it passes through the exit tube. They may see excessive mucus, small hard fecal material, etc. They also have a sense of how much pressure is needed to reach certain parts of the colon which gives more information about bowel health.

I wouldn't hesitate to see a colon hydrotherapist since you don't have to commit to regular visits if they are truly not necessary. Experience it and see how your body feels compared to home enemas then you'll know if you should continue.

BTW - the best resolution for constipation is to explore 'WHY' the bowels are not functioning optimally before heading off to do enemas. I've learned over the many years I've been working with clients that the core issue is usually mental/emotional. "Can't let go" , "holding on to some wound" or some "dirty business, malicious slander, mean accusation, etc." An examination of when the problem started is helpful in pinpointing the triggering incident or incidents. Awareness and resolution of the "triggering conflict" is essential to supporting the restoration of normal bowel function.

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