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How do you find the right macros for an athlete looking to increase performance?

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Sara Callahan
Many of us are pressured to believe we'll have to cut out our favorite foods or starve ourselves to get the body we want. I support people to get the body they want by eating the food they love.

Macros can be super helpful for athletes looking to improve performance! You'll need to use a little trial and error to find the exact numbers appropriate for your goals, but here's where to start:

Calories: The best way to determine caloric intake for macros is to track your food for a week and see the average of your intake. From there, you can add a few hundred calories if you're looking to gain mass/weight, or subtract 150 or so if you're looking to lose fat.

Protein: Depending on your muscle mass building goals, take your current, or goal, body weight and multiply by 0.7-1.1. If you're looking to add a lot of mass, use closer to 1.1, if you're looking for a leaner gain, go closer to 0.7. That's how many grams of protein you'll aim to eat per day.

Fats/Carbs: If you're hitting your protein and staying at your calorie total, you likely don't have to worry about the exacts of your carb/fat intake because by default they are in line. That's how the math works out, calorically speaking.

Here's where the trial and error part comes in. After two weeks successfully hitting the numbers discovered above, check in with any weight, strength, and body composition changes and make sure they're heading in the direction you're aiming to go. Make any adjustments as needed to better reflect your goals, if needed.

With this all being said, if you or anyone else reading this would like help with your macros, I'd be happy to support you, simply book a free consultation call with me and we'll set them up!

Also, it's too bad that the other answers to this question totally wrote you off and just told you to listen to a biased documentary's approach. I'm not saying that the vegan lifestyle isn't right for some, but it's not an appropriate approach for all, and certainly not an appropriate blanket response to someone's nutrition-related question, which wasn't about being vegan anyway. And to that point, even if you're promoting a vegan lifestyle, you can still track and successfully use macros with that approach, which makes the disregard for the question asked even more frustrating!

Aviva Furman
Yoga teacher, Migraine support and Reiki healer

I would agree re Gamechangers! I also provide people with fruit, vegetables and berries in capsule form. It is whole food nutrition, all guaranteed herbicide and pesticide free.

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Macros are overrated. Eat whole food, mostly raw. Focus on variety in fruits and vegetables. Check out the new documentary:
It is much simpler than they lead us to believe.

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