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If you have ever had depression and got over it without medication, what helped pull you out of the depression?

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Clinical Hypnotherapist, Physical Therapist, Certified Zero Balancing practitioner

The things that helped me the most after my wife died were; being in nature, focusing on my kids and my patients, exercise.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Physical Therapist, Certified Zero Balancing practitioner

The things that helped me the most after my wife died were; being in nature, focusing on my kids and my patients, exercise.

Rapid Transformational Therapy incorporates hypnosis to identify and heal deep subconscious beliefs in order to feel better and move forward

For me, getting over depression required me to get to the core of why I didn't feel good about myself. When we don't know the root cause of why we feel so bad, we can't change it.

When I was in my 20's I participated in a pretty intense program that required me to go within and look at my sadness, anger, and other feelings and discover where they came from. It turned out that they were decisions and beliefs that I took on as a small child. It took time to work through those feelings and beliefs, but once I got to the other side, my depression went away.

Luckily there are new techniques that can get to the root cause of depression in a much shorter timeframe. Hypnosis allows you to access the subconscious mind and discover these beliefs in one to two sessions. For me, it was possible to heal my depression without medication and I believe that others can do it as well.

Carl Anderson
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Bach Flower Remedies balance negative emotions by neutralizing the energetic imbalance that causes them. They can even eliminate long-standing emotional baggage, restoring balance and harmony. Bach Flower Remedies do not aggravate any medical condition or interfere with any medication. They are safe for children, adults, seniors, and pets. They are completely natural. Unlike medications, they have no side effects. They were developed over 90 years ago in England and are sold in health and natural food stores everywhere.
There are 38 different remedies and one emergency formula. Each remedy resolves a specific emotional state. By combining up to seven remedies in one personalized treatment bottle, there are over 19 million possible combinations.
I have had lots of clients who suffered from depression and anxiety, often together. The Bach Flower Remedies cured them. Those who were on antidepressants and/or anti-anxiety medications were able to ween off them completely or drastically reduce their dosage under their doctor's supervision.

Maxine Thomas, M.D.
Many people have never had a Retainer relationship with a professional and are unfamiliar with how it works.

Might be surprised to know this, but probably the best way to heal yourself, is to help others. Take your mind off of yourself, like what is going on in anxiety and depression and put your focus on someone else. It allows you to activate those "mirror neurons" and heal yourself. Take your mind off of yourself and allow yourself to heal the same say you heal your skinned knees and paper cuts, by giving them NO attention. Trust that your body knows how to heal itself; however people are are allowing their focused fears to keep things going. Send healing thoughts to others and TRUST in the same force that makes you breathe, heals your lacerations after they have been sewn up, etc. You ALWAYS heal yourself.

Nicole Wettemann
We all have those moments but we don't have to live that life!

I suffered from depression for over thirty years. Most of the women in my family have. I even studied Psychology in the hope of finding answers. Today, I no longer consider depression a part of my life, and I actually have since specialized in helping other women in healing from depression. My approach is completely holistic. I think the way to get out of depression is to turn inward. To use mindfulness meditation to become crystal clear of your thoughts. Through meditation, you start recognizing that your painful stories are not who you are. There is a deeper presence inside of you. When you can separate out your inner being from the "you" that is suffering from depression, you can start working with the stories, the thoughts and the beliefs that create depression. Spiritually speaking depression is a sign that you are in discord with your inner being. The level of pain you are in is directly related to how separated you are to who you truly came to be in this life. This separation and the pain you are experiencing is often created in childhood. It is possible to identify when the false beliefs were created and by identifying the why, how and when, you can heal from depression.

I have done it and I have helped many women accomplish the same. It is doable. Start by becoming really aware of the thoughts (stories) that you are telling yourself that are causing you pain. We tend to think that we are depressed and therefore we are having negative thoughts and pain. It is actually the opposite. We have thoughts that are in discord with the truth of who we are. These thoughts, when carried long enough become our painful truth. So, thoughts create beliefs, beliefs create depression.

Minal Rajan, NTP
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My teenage daughter suffered in depression and had lots of anxiety. Much against my wishes she was prescribed medication . I consulted a naturopath post her annual check up (she had been on AD meds for about a year then) and we discovered very severe nutritional deficiencies -- hormone tests revealed low to no hormonal activity --- as a Nutritional Therapist I worked on her diet to provide nutrients to support her body in producing the necessary neurotransmitters -- In less than 6 months we were able to get her off the meds. 2 years now and she is not gone back to them -- is everything 100% ok - no of course not, but it is work in progress and now we know how to support nutritionally her hormonal cycles.

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