What are the common symptoms of a Hashimoto's flare up? I've been diagnosed for 2 yrs, and never had one, but this week I have muscle and joint pain, and am wondering if it's connected to my Hashi or something else... - Heal.me
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What are the common symptoms of a Hashimoto's flare up? I've been diagnosed for 2 yrs, and never had one, but this week I have muscle and joint pain, and am wondering if it's connected to my Hashi or something else...

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Dr. Therese Walsh-Van Keuren
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Have you done a Food Allergies Test yet? That is usually my first recommendation.
With an autoimmune condition, Removing "nightshades", "lectins", "High Oxalate foods" and High Histamine Producing foods would be my first investigation after the Food Allergies Panel is completed.
From a Chinese Medicine perspective, The change in weather from warm to cold (or damp) can initiate various forms of joint pain. Keep your joints warm as we make this seasonal transition

Jennifer Gebhard, ANP, HNP, AHN-BC, RH(AHG)
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So many things can cause muscle and joint pain. A more detailed medical history would be needed to fully assess your pain. For example, are you taking a statin drug for cholesterol? Do you know your vitamind D level? Low levels can increase inflammation. Lymes and other tick born illnesses are rampant, even with city people who go to a park. Have you had your thyroid functions checked recently? Have you ever been evaluated for arthritic inflammatory diseases? All of which can become worse with stress and poor diet. If the pain continues for more than a week, I recommend getting checked out. If all is normal, there are some lovely herbs/supplements that are naturally anti inflammatory. Ginger, Tumeric, Fish oil, boswellia are the first I recommend. They too, need to be given at the proper doses to work, not just added to food as a spice. Good luck.

Christian A. Gonzalez LMT

Hashimotos is a hypo thyroidism autoimmune disfunction. you're soreness is more than likely related to your bodys compromised immune system. Retro Viruses parasites bacteria and more tend to seek out weak injured or compromised joint linings to make their home. less blood flow protecting it from the immune system, and quicker access to phyto-nutrients from the nerves. When you flare up which in Hypo thyroids is more of a flare down your body attempts to project SOS style frequency for support but because the signal is weak it creates a perfect feeding ground for all your unwelcome micro inhabitants. Which in turn creates oxidization of tissue and or lactic acid which then in turn is perceived as radiating pain.

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Hello Gabriella,

I do not consider myself an expert in joint or muscle pain. What I can tell you is that we have an energetic body - and, most likely your pain stems from trauma from past lives that is in your field. To clear it - I would recommend a series of healing sessions plus, some energy skills of your own. Empath skills.

Carolina Gutierrez
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Hi Gabriela, Muscle and joint pain might be a result of a flare up with Hashimoto's it can be due to many reasons including cold weather, inflammation, stress. etc. As you may already now this symptoms of flare ups should not be ignores since it can create a cascade response of the body.
Myofascial release has proved to be very effective with autoimmune diseases as thyroid problems. If you are interested on having some Myofascial release treatments you can find a practitioner close to you in the myofascial release directory at Myofascialrelease.com , click on find a practitioner. I'll recommend a Physical therapist since we have extensive training on body physiology and pathology which in my opinion is essential while treating an autoimmune disease.
Good luck Gabriela taking care of your flare up. My website is WholisticPT.co

Carmella Foster
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Flair ups are resulted from too much stress hormones, eating foods that cause an inflammation response, over exertion from an improper workout. Flair ups or as I call them Inflammation Days have sore ache joints, stiff muscles, edema, and headaches. The muscles go from sore when you try to move, all the way to so sore touch aches.

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Hi Gabriela,

I'm so sorry to hear of your new symptoms. For some people, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's can contribute to joint and muscle problems. I would suggest doing a physical checkup with your Primary Care Physician, letting them know of these new symptoms.

Feel free to email me, or give me a call, there are some hopeful tools I use in my practice that I can talk you through!

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