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Hip Pain

will acupuncture help hip pain?

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Yes - acupuncture can help hip pain.

There are many types of hip pain. It is important to rule out any serious hip conditions via imaging like x-ray and MRI. In many cases those will come up clean and the hip pain will be due to muscular tightness.

There are many muscles that attach to the hip and the ones that are involved depend on where the pain is. For example sciatica can be caused by tightness in the piriformis (if the pain travels down the back of the leg) or the gluteus minimus (if the pain travels down the side of the leg).

My approach to hip pain due to muscle tightness involves using a combination of traditional acupuncture points as well as incorporating trigger point release in any muscles that are involved.

I generally look for knots or trigger points in the low back, gluteal, hip rotator, hamstring, and quadriceps muscles since they all attach somewhere in the hip.

Releasing any tension or trigger points in these muscles will help reduce hip pain and increase range of motion because they all attach into the hip area. When a muscle is tight it pulls on the attaching structures which can result in pain and restricted range of motion.

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Hi Alishia, I know its been a few months since you posted but I would love to hear what your latest results have been, are you still seeking longterm healing? My clients have had incredible success relieving hip/knee/lumbar pain, sciatica, piriformis tightness, even tingling/numbness with my approach to the spine & myofascia relationship, tensegrity. We actually learn how to lift weight off the hips & pelvis to realign the lower spinal curve & relationship to the legs. Once the skeleton is aligned in an optimal way, the connective tissue strengthening builds up bone density & healthy range of motion which is what will keep the hip joints healthy as a long game approach to function. My modality is a game changer, hands down, and leaves my clients empowered to move with more effective ease in their day. Reach out to chat more, you'd be surprised how quickly you can feel better & for good.

Donald Matesz MSOM, L.Ac.
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It depends on what is the cause of the hip pain. It is best to discuss the issue with a licensed acupuncturist who can determine whether the condition is among those that respond to acupuncture.

Joanna Zoe Christopher

Hi Alishia.

It's important to find out what is causing the pain in your hip. If there is no diagnosed medical issue, you might want to try practicing Qigong. In my class we focus on the hips a little more than the other joints, because many of us spend too much time sitting and that is tough on our hips. At the beginning of each class we practice Nine Circles of Peace, which includes four forms specifically to gently and naturally warm up and lubricate the hip joints. I see that you are in Buffalo. If you would like to try my class, please reach out to me. I teach on Tuesdays at 5:30 in East Amherst (donation based) and Thursdays at 7 PM in North Tonawanda (your first class is free). I can also teach you privately if you are interested!


Victoria Taylor, Lic. Ac.
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It is definately worth the time and money to schedule an initial visit with an acupuncturist.

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It depends on what the root cause of the pain is. Pain is a symptom and can be dealt with as a symptom. However, I have a couple of non-invasive methods to discern the root of the pain in my office. If we you need someone closer to your home, look for BioEnergetic Practioners, Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Acupunturists, etc.

Hope this helps

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