Unfortunately, the cannabis field is dominated by to two emotions: inordinate and unjustified fear and greed. This makes the current market for CBD a place where many companies have no scruples, they are ripping off customers, and some even have toxic product in order to make more money. Here are a list of questions that the consumer can ask of any company that will ensure a clean, safe and cheaper CBD product than comes up on the typical Internet search.


What strain of cannabis does the CBD come from and what are its characteristics?

The strain of cannabis FPS grows is called Cherry and/or Unicorn I. Both strains are related to each other and come from a sativa with virtually no THC, an albino of sorts regarding THC. They are both considered hemp according to the Federal government definition having less than 0.3% THC. Cherry flower is 16 –18% CBD and Unicorn I flower is 12 –14% CBD.


Where is it grown? Is the soil organic?

We grow our hemp in Fort Collins, Colorado – outside, in full sun, in organic soil. We are the first hemp farm that is certified organic. In order to maintain that certification we must comply with strict regulations. All our soil

amendments are organic. The way we deal with pests and disease is first by pruning, then with beneficial predators, and then with organic sprays if necessary.

How is it grown?

All our soil amendments are organic. The way we deal with pests and disease is first by pruning, then with beneficial predators and finally, if necessary, with organic sprays (hydrogen peroxide, neem, organic enzymes to name a few), if necessary.

How is it harvested, dried and cured?

It takes time, patience and love.We harvest by hand, hang up to dry and later carefully cure the whole plant material in a period of 6–8 weeks to insure the best taste and smell and most complete terpene profile. Our aim is supreme quality – unlike many of our competitors, who are after high quantity in less time.

What part of the plant is used to extract CBD and what method of extraction is used?

We use the whole plant: flower/leaf/small stems and do an organic ethanol extraction with a propriety cryogenic pre-wash and post-extraction decarboxylation.

Is the CBD decarboxylated?

In order for CBD to be bio-available, it must go from CBD A, an acid, to CBD, a lipid. We test every batch and only charge per milligram of CBD – not total cannabinoids, like many other companies. It is of utmost importance that our customers only pay for the CBD that is readily available and scientifically proven to be effective.


Does the company have lab tests for all product?

Please see attached documents.


How is the CBD bottled, packaged and distributed?

Our CBD is heated at a specific temperature for a measured amount of time in order to kill all bacteria. Our product is then hermetically sealed into sterilized jars with a safety top.

Our CBD is bottled and packaged with the utmost care. Most of our product is distributed to people in exchange for work at the farm and gifted to the people who help us share it with others. Ten percent of production goes to people who cannot afford it. An additional 10% of our revenue funds research and development. We know that innovation, creativity and pioneering new crops is where our advantage lies and we are committed to the continued pursuit of excellence in our product line.


What did the upper management of the companies do before they became key organizers of the company?

The three principal cooperative members have been involved in renewable energy, sustainability, permaculture design, regenerative agriculture, and organic farming. Bill Althouse has been a pioneer in the cultivation of specialty crops such as Mara De Bois French strawberries and giant dahlias.

Is the company making any medical claims or profiting excessively from sick people?

Our company makes NO claims. In fact, when people ask us about dosing our answer is, “We are not medical professionals so we cannot prescribe or recommend anything.” We do have a lot of resources that we share so people can do their own research and draw their own conclusions. Our pricing has always been the lowest. We started at 10 cents/mg three years ago and now we are at 8 cents/mg. Soon we will drop the price again. Our overall goal is to crash the price of CBD so that more people can use it and so that corporations, cartels and Wall Street get out of the hemp business.