Has your child gradually started experiencing anxiety, overwhelm & attention problems especially in school? Is their teacher recommending some intervention such as medication or counseling? There are several solutions to explore before panicking!

What are they eating and drinking? If they are consuming refined or fake sugar such as pop, fruit juices, candy or desserts on a routine basis this can be part of the problem. Highly processed breads and carbohydrates also turn into sugar which may make your child feel wired and less focused. Replace these culprit drinks and foods with real fruits and vegetables. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables that are naturally sweet and delicious. Also to encourage your child to drink plenty of water can make a huge difference. Water helps wash out toxins and staying hydrated helps us all think clearer.

Is your child getting enough sleep? Many young children can require 10-12 hours of sleep nightly in order to facilitate healthy learning habits and skills.

Is your child getting enough fun exercise away from electronics and TV? Encouraging outside creative fun exploring nature can naturally facilitate healthy exercise. Going for nature walks in a park can spark creativity and endorphins being released in their brains. These endorphins are natural feel-good hormones that help us feel calm and happy.

Has your child recently (within the previous year) been through something traumatic? If so they may have trapped emotions (anxiety, fear, overwhelm, grief, sadness, anger….) that are stuck and need to be addressed. There are several techniques that can be easily learned and utilized to painlessly help release these trapped energies from the body.

These techniques include emotion code, body code, healing touch, and tapping. With the help of a certified practitioner addressing the trapped trauma/emotions, it can make a difference between your child having chronic anxiety and inability to focus in school or truly being engaged and excited to learn.

I love supporting children in releasing trapped emotions and trauma from their bodies. I get great pleasure in empowering children and their parents and teaching them how to use these techniques when they are experiencing anxiety or emotional upset in the moment. If we help children learn healthy tools at a young age they will be less likely to need to find self-soothing methods later in life which may lead to destructive addictions.

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