Have you ever wondered or asked yourself, "why did I just say that?!" or "why did I just do that?!!"

Have you ever gotten frustrated at times with your mind or body, and why it is sometimes so hard to control?

Do you find it difficult to stop yourself from doing something, that you clearly don't want to do? Or something that you do want, but can't because stress, anxiety, fear, sadness, anger, etc. is stopping you?

When you think of your mind, do you see this dark, mysterious place that needs to be navigated cautiously because you are afraid of what you might find in there? Do you find the brain hard to understand, therefore forgo help or any kind of therapy, because it is way too difficult to change?

Are you overwhelmed by the amount of therapies that could potentially help you overcome your weaknesses or challenges, that you just don’t even try any of them, because you don’t know which one works for you?

Are you tired of how long therapy takes, and although it may seem good in what you are doing, you are not getting the results fast enough?

In this article, I want to introduce you to a new technique that may hold the answers, if not all, to these questions. Not just information on the technique, but also a new way in how your brain and body works, so that you can see what is going on in your life.

First let’s dive into how your mind works. There was a study conducted in 1983 by Benjamin Libet, who was a neuro scientist in the 80’s and 90’s. You can look this up on Wikipedia, but to make the long story short, what he found in his research was that, our bodies react 1/3 of a second before we are consciously aware of what we are doing! I’ll say that one more time, in every circumstance that we are in, every second of our existence, our bodies are being fired up first, before our conscious awareness kicks in, before we are even aware of what is going on. Wait a minute, isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? Isn't it our conscious mind that tells our body what to do, and then everything else follows? Not in this case. More than that, it showed that decisions were made and acted upon by our mental processes before we become consciously aware of them. This makes us wonder, do we have any control then? Of course, we do! We still have free will to change things around but this process happens almost instantaneously, that once our sub-conscious mind is already activating the neuro pathways for our response in any particular situation, it is very hard to stop it because it is already in motion, even though our conscious awareness is 1/3 of a second behind. So, we have a very big biological problem to solve!

That’s where this new technique comes into play. This technique is called BrainWorking Recursive Technique® or BWRT for short. This technique was developed by Terence Watts in the UK. Terence, upon reading about Benjamins experiment, got the idea in his mind, in a moment of inspiration, that he could develop a therapy that works within that 1/3 of a second gap between the subconscious and the conscious mind. BWRT allows us to intervene the pathway, or the response, and change the reactions, from something that you DON'T WANT to something that you DO WANT, in a very short period of time. It soon became evident that here was something very special, something that worked in a way that was different from anything that had gone before.

What makes BWRT so unique and such a needed therapy for today’s world, is that it is based around proven scientific concepts, it is content free, it is fast, effective, and it is long lasting. It allows effortless 'reprogramming' of learned negative constructs. BWRT can cover a variety of issues such as:

Commitment Anxiety, Phobias, Fears and Anxiety, Success Inhibition, Fear of failure, Binge eating/drinking, All types of Performance Anxiety, Self-Worth/Self-Confidence Issues, Fear of Authority, Relationship Issues, Grief, OCD, PTSD, Trauma, Abuse, Addictions, Smoking, Gambling and a whole lot more.

Now I don't know if this is for you, but the people who have taken BWRT have had tremendous good results, and it has proven time and again, that this is literally the therapy of tomorrow. If you feel that this is right for you, or if you would like to receive more information, comment below and/or you can get in contact with me, and we can see if BWRT is the right treatment for you.