My journey into the world of holistic healing began in my 20’s, a time when life was brimming with the thrills of competitive biathlons and cross-country races. As an aspiring athlete, I was deeply committed, both physically and mentally, to achieving greatness in the sporting arena. I yearned for the guidance and encouragement from my trainers that I believed would propel me to the top. However, life has a way of rewriting our scripts, and the support I so eagerly anticipated never came.

At home, while I received support in many ways, it wasn’t the kind of direction I needed — the understanding and specialized advice from someone who truly knew the journey I was on. This lack of mentorship in the competitive sports arena left a void, making me feel like I wasn't enough, that perhaps my dreams were unattainable.

This absence of support and encouragement became a significant challenge that weighed heavily on my spirit. It led to a profound sense of being lost, not just in my athletic endeavors but in life in general. The lack of direction made me question my path and stirred feelings of inadequacy and unfulfillment within me. It was a burden that I carried, one that would eventually lead me to seek new horizons and explore paths beyond the world of competitive sports.

Embracing change, I shifted my focus away from the high-pressure world of athletic competition and embarked on a new journey that took me to Austria. Here, I found myself living an adventurous life, filled with new experiences and opportunities. Yet beneath this exciting exterior, I sensed an underlying unfulfillment tugging at my soul.

This inner turmoil motivated me to explore my feelings of being lost and alone, drawing me toward spirituality and psychology for greater insight into these emotions. I was seeking balance, tranquility, and inner peace, but wasn't sure where to find it. It was during this period of intense self-exploration that my sister recommended I visit a sound healer, a suggestion that marked the beginning of a transformative chapter in my life.

I vividly recall my first sound healing session. The soothing vibrations and the healer's compassionate presence brought me into a profound state of relaxation and healing. This experience was a revelation, a moment of transformation that would forever alter my life's trajectory.

Sound healing became a sanctuary for me, offering solace from emotional turbulence and a space to confront unresolved childhood traumas. It helped me process fears and feelings of inadequacy, replacing them with inner peace and confidence. Through sound, I could transmute negative emotions and energies into a state of calm and self-assurance.

Embarking on this journey of self-discovery and healing wasn't easy. Starting from scratch, exploring unknown methods of healing, and embracing new experiences initially felt overwhelming. Yet, this path taught me that stepping into the unknown, while scary, was necessary for growth. I realized that true healing often means making hard choices, like leaving behind things or relationships that no longer serve your wellbeing. This understanding was a crucial turning point for me.

Empowered by my new mindset, I bravely took the step to leave a toxic relationship — a move that was as terrifying as it was liberating. It was a testament to how much I had grown and learned about myself, my patterns, and my true desires. This decision, though difficult, was vital for my continued healing and well-being. It was a clear indication that I was ready to let go of what hindered my progress and embrace a life that was more aligned with the healed version of myself. 

Upon arriving in the U.S., and after making the hard choices essential for my growth, I felt a renewed motivation to explore further into holistic healing. My spiritual journey blossomed in new directions as I delved into Reiki, embraced the role of a certified yoga teacher, and explored the depths of emotion code therapy. I honed my skills in AromaTouch massage and discovered the myriad benefits of essential oils. This period was a time of enriching my personal toolkit for transformation, a collection of practices that not only brought profound changes in my life but also equipped me to bring similar transformations to my clients. With each new skill and practice, I felt more empowered and inspired to continue on this path of true wellness. Teaching and mentoring others became a rewarding aspect of my journey. 

As my path unfolded, I encountered one of its most profound challenges: a traumatic divorce. This was a different ordeal compared to any past relationship experiences, including leaving the toxic relationship. The divorce, entangled with infidelity and the complexities of co-parenting, presented an entirely new spectrum of emotional challenges. During this time of profound distress, the holistic practices I had embraced became more crucial than ever. These tools, which had supported my personal growth and helped me move away from previous negative relationships, now became my lifeline, helping me navigate the complexities of this heart-wrenching chapter. Thanks to the various holistic healing methods I'd learned over time, I was able to process my emotions, journey towards forgiveness, and gradually find a renewed sense of inner peace and stability.

Now, as a holistic practitioner & certified life coach, my passion lies in guiding others to unlock their innate power to heal. With over 15 years of experience, I facilitate transformative experiences for others, offering services that encompass sound healing, Reiki, yoga, emotion code therapy, AromaTouch massage, and more. My journey, marked by challenges and growth, motivates me to assist in finding balance, fulfillment, and relaxation in life.