Ear infections are an epidemic in our society. 90% of children will experience an ear infection before they are school age. Most children experience two or three episodes a year. There is an estimated 10 million new cases per year. Despite extensive medical intervention, children's ear infection rates continue to soar. An estimated 3.4 billion is spent every year for medications and surgeries. 

A study published in Canadian Family Physician stated that 97.7% of American children diagnosed with ear infections were given antibiotics but there was only a "definite need for antibiotics in only 5-10% of those cases!" The rate of ear infections are epidemic and medical science has failed to find an answer. The real reason why they have failed is because the underlying cause of ear infections is not micro-organisms. The underlying cause is an abnormally lowered immune response in the inner ear.

The real solution lies in locating the cause of the lowered immune response. A leading German authority, Dr. Gutmann, found 800 out of 1000 (80%) of infants checked during the first month of life suffer from Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome directly related to birth trauma. Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome interferes with the nerve impulses in the upper part of th neck which lowers immune resistance and leaves the child vulnerable to ear, nose and throat infections. The cause of lowered immune response and Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome is the odern day birth process that causes trauma to the upper cervical spine.

How do you treat Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome? A Wellness trained chiropractor can easily locate and correct Blocked Atlantal Nerve Syndrome. A mild adjustment to the upper cervical spine can remove the interference to the nervous system and restore health. A chiropractic evaluation is of "decisive importance" and chiropractic care can often bring about amazing results. I have cared for hundreds of children during the past 30 years with simply amazing outcomes.