Are You in Alignment With Your Money Goals?

Even if you’ve been on your own as an adult for quite a while, chances are you haven’t yet achieved all the goals you’ve set for yourself. You probably have a lot of goals for your family, personal life, career, etc. And if you’re reading this, you likely have certain financial goals to help you live a more abundant life. When it comes to money, goals are critical. Setting goals not only gives you something to plan around but also helps you measure your own success. After all, if you don’t know where the finish line is, how will you ever get there?

What is Abundance?

Abundance could be defined by the world we live in as having the freedom, time, and resources to help you live the life you want to live. And since we do live in the real world, resources could mean money. While money won’t bring true joy, it is often required to help us pursue what does bring us joy, or to sustain us as we do so.

Financial abundance doesn’t necessarily mean having a certain amount of money in the bank or never having to work again. But imagine not having to worry and stress about money, because you feel safe and secure in paying your bills while doing things you love. Of course, this takes effort, but aligning yourself — energetically — with your financial goals can help make them easier to achieve. Let’s talk about how you might be able to do that.

Be Grateful
Gratitude may be as essential to your happiness as oxygen is to your body. Being grateful for what you have brings positive energy into your life and allows you to send and receive joy. It can help you create the attitude you need to leave self-doubt, fear, and frustration behind. And that can help you manifest the abundance you crave and achieve your financial goals. If circumstances or old attitudes have you struggling to find your gratitude, try a few simple daily exercises, such as:

Pausing to recognize the abundance around you: the sunshine, your comfortable bed, friends and family, food.
Positive affirmations (for example: I attract abundance. I am living an abundant life. I believe more abundance is on its way to me.)
Reaching out to your higher power to express your thankfulness for all you’ve been blessed with
Mindfully pausing to count your blessings (name them one by one!)
Remove Blockages
What attitudes, preconceived notions, or habits might be blocking your abundance? Do you lack confidence in your ability to earn more money, advance your career, or achieve money goals? Do you hold onto every dollar for fear of losing it? Remember that money, like everything else, is a form of energy and is meant to be exchanged. Holding onto it out of fear or doubt can block that flow and not only keep you from sending it out, but also receiving it. Negative thoughts about money can lead us into a paralyzing fear of taking action — which will never help you achieve your financial goals.

Remember: intention is a powerful force. Using it mindfully to change your way of thinking can bring higher, healthier energy into your financial life. This may help you erase the negative self-talk that might otherwise keep you from pursuing that promotion, making a sound investment, or making a career change that might make all the difference.

Get Balanced
If your body’s energy is out of whack, we believe it can cause all kinds of physical and emotional issues. Not the least of these is making it easier for you to perpetuate negative patterns. This is due to the energy of negative motions already being trapped within you, where they can stay for years or decades. If you have a tendency to doubt yourself or can’t seem to break free of your fears, anxiousness, or insecurities about money, it’s possible that the energy of Trapped Emotions is to blame.

Through muscle testing and The Emotion Code™, you can identify what those trapped emotional energies might be, and then work to get rid of them. It’s a simple process, and you can try it on yourself or work with a practitioner to get started. We recommend downloading a starter kit and then reading The Emotion Code book to gain an understanding of how Trapped Emotions might be affecting you physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Releasing trapped negative energies could be an important step in manifesting, attracting, and achieving your financial goals and creating more abundance.

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