What are energy space clearings? Well, just like a housekeeper who clears dust bunnies from under the bed, an energy clearer cleans out the energetic dust bunnies and cobwebs and brightens and lightens your home.

People leave their energy footprints everywhere they go. Their thoughts, words and actions get left behind like breadcrumbs. Sensitive people and children feel the negative energies the most…that’s one reason kids see the monster in the closet or under the bed.

You may need an energy space clearing if you feel really good away from home, but not so good when you walk in the door. If you feel drained, get depressed or can’t do anything but sit in front of a TV after a long day, it actually may be the energy you walked into at home vs. the actual job you’re blaming. And if there are others in the house, there may be constant disagreements or upsets.

If you are someone on a personal growth journey, you may be constantly trying to grow and raise your vibration, but feel like you’re shutting down and not moving forward. If that’s the case, it may be the space and the stagnant, negative energy there.

When I realized my clients were shifting and raising their vibration, but they would go home and lose some of their momentum, it seemed like the time to learn more about energy space clearing. Because not clearing their space was like someone taking a shower and then putting on their dirty clothes again. I realized that it was the energy at home that was doing it. Once I cleared that for them, their momentum really picked up and things started happening.

Different space clearers use different tools: feng shui, smudging with sage, bells, wind chimes, or crystals, amongst others, and a long time ago when I moved into a house that had a murder in it, I tried all of them. I mostly ended up working with intention and crystals at the time, and after about 6 months the house felt totally different. Now I don’t use any tools except multidimensional energy alone.

So, what can you expect? Generally people notice a difference immediately; they may start sleeping better, being less depressed or grouchy, and many times there is less discord among family members. But once in a while it takes sleeping in the energy overnight to get used to the new lighter, clearer energy, and folks may be a bit cranky and out of sorts for the first day. Usually animals feel better immediately afterward.

Once a space is cleared, generally a house needs clearing every six months to a year depending on how heavy it feels and what is happening in your life. If you’re going through a tough time, it could be more often, but you need to go by how it feels to you.

Have questions? I’m happy to help!