If you or someone you know are not having the success you want and you have a store front or an office, energy space clearing might be a good idea for your business. Like energy space clearing for the home, a business clearing removes energy footprints left behind by people whether they were building it, buying from it or working there. It releases and clears energy that may have been there for years.

If you aren’t having the success you want, it’s either because your energy and limiting beliefs are not allowing the success in, or maybe it’s because the space is pushing away the very people that you want. If you can’t tell which it is, the easy way to tell is to have an energy space clearing for your place of business, because first, it’s way cheaper than therapy, and second you might fix a lot of problems holding you back even if you don’t fix all of them.

  • Do you have staff or customers who are dishonest or not getting along? 
  • Are you not having enough customers or clients coming to you, or
  • Perhaps they don’t have enough money to pay your prices? 

This would be a good sign that energy clearing of your office or place of business might be for you.
How do energy clearers work? Depends. Different tools and different abilities. It’s like some people are really good at washing the dishes and get everything spotless and others leave a bit of grunge behind or leave spots. Some energy space clearers will get the energy sparkling clear and others will clear away layers, but not necessarily raise the vibration nearly as high.

It also depends on what you need. I look at three elements: 

  • clearing,
  • setting the intention for the space and
  • protection

For example, I don’t just ask how large the space is and where it’s located so I know how far I need to travel or how much I’ll charge. For a business I also ask:

  • How old is the place,
  • How many people come through it
  • Why are you having this done
  • If it is to be successful, what does that look like for you? 
  • And lastly, do you want protection placed around your location?

This gives me a roadmap on how to set up your clearing. Including finding out how high of a vibration I should leave behind because if you want all of the general public to be attracted to your space, it can’t be raised too high or people won’t feel comfortable.

The benefits can be many, but sometimes there is a bit of a shakeup directly afterward. Staff may quit, or a client or two may drop off before you start seeing things picking up. Generally people will feel lighter and happier in the new energy, more relaxed and the new vibration rubs off on everyone that comes in, especially the staff --- and you!

If you see some success, but not a lot, at least you know that it is probably your limiting beliefs holding you back, which you can then proceed to work on. Buy many times, the energy space clearing starts the ball rolling again in the right direction.