What is the Human Design System?

Human Design (HD) is a synergistic combination of the I Ching, astrology, a nine-chakra system, Kabbalah, meridians, and quantum physics that provides a map of your unique energy circuits. It was founded by Ra Uru Hu in 1987 as a direct download; he spent the next 25 years teaching and analyzing HD Rave Charts as a pivotal mechanism for humans to evolve through the mechanics of the human energy system. 

Human Design describes who you are, energetically. HD integrates beautifully with Geotran because both focus on how your system works, and how to improve energy flow through your circuits. HD sets out the exact structure of your inner circuitry, and Geotran corrects issues in your system from the micro to the macro level. Both restore choice.

The Human Design Rave Chart is a map of neutrinos and planetary energies at the moment of birth, and also at a moment 88 solar degrees earlier. The first forms that person's conscious design (in black), while the earlier time forms the unconscious, genetic, or potential design (in red). The planetary positions are projected through 64 'gates' (correlating to hexagrams of the I Ching), each of which has six 'lines' that modulate the energy of that particular gate. Each placement defines a gate, and if there is also an activation at the other end of that particular channel, the energy center at each end is also defined. Thus, in the Rave Chart you will see some of the nine centers colored in (defined), while others remain white. A defined center means that you can rely on that part of your life; an undefined center means this is an area you don’t know yourself, where you'll be attracted to those whose centers or channels are defined. Altogether, the defined parts of the Rave Chart show your Type, Authority, and Strategy plus other details that tell you the best way to live your life. If you only find out your Type and Strategy, you already have a valuable way to move forward. For example…

Generators: active, receiving/responsive, work very hard once committed, with a warm engaging aura; hey work for satisfaction, and otherwise get frustrated. Generators need to learn how to use their nonverbal guidance system, and to 'wait to respond'.

Manifesting Generators are warm, connected go-getters, commtted workaholics; Manifesting Generators also get to 'wait to respond'.

Manifestors: controlling, good at initiating, cold aura, prone to anger and exhaustion when not in their Strategy; Manifestors need to ask permission and also to inform others.

Projectors: low energy but very sensitive to the energies of others, so they make good guides and mentors (although they feel the need to be 'experts' first); tend to feel ignored and get bitter if under-appreciated.
Projectors need to learn to 'wait to be invited'.

Reflectors have NO activated centers, so they reflect what's going on around them. They easily get overlooked and overloaded, but if they take the time required to process, they develop wisdom. Reflectors need to learn to allow others to provide support.

Each type has a different Strategy, colored by the person's Authority. Further mitigating factors are Profiles (your roles in life), and Incarnation Crosses (overall life direction). There are also five kinds of ‘conditioning’ by which your are misaligned until you start working within your correct Human Design.

What’s the point of Human Design? The more you know about how you are wired, the easier it is to live in accordance with your unique circuitry, with more ease and grace, free to be YOU.