For a long time, I lived with severe and unexplained stomach pain that baffled every doctor I visited. They ran all sorts of tests, even floated the possibility of stomach cancer, but nothing conclusive ever came up. As this went on, I felt myself fading away. I couldn't eat, and with every day, I felt weaker, less capable as a mom, a teacher, and as a person. My kids were too young to understand what was happening, and my husband, the source of much of my pain, simply laughed it off as if it were nothing.

Trapped in an abusive marriage for 20 years, my daily life became a foggy march from one task to the next, a mere existence rather than a life. This struggle was compounded by the limitations of the traditional medical system, which seemed incapable of connecting the dots between my physical symptoms and my mental state. Despite my extensive education in Western science, with master's degrees and a Ph.D., the segmented approach of my healthcare providers left me frustrated and disillusioned. They shuffled me between specialists—gastroenterologists, oncologists, and mental health professionals—each prescribing a new combination of drugs without ever truly communicating with one another. It became clear that this path was leading me nowhere; the medications only drained my ability to feel, to fight, and to find the strength to leave my abusive situation.

My turning point was a frightening moment of danger when I confused my nighttime medications, Ambien and Trazodone, with my daytime ones, leading to a nearly catastrophic blackout while driving. Saved by the intervention of a police officer, who shared his own story of a broken home, I realized the dire need for change. His advice, that enduring the hardship of divorce would be preferable to my children losing their mother, resonated deeply. It spurred me into action, into seeking a different approach to truly heal.

Embracing this new direction, I turned to natural medicine, immersing myself in the study and practice of holistic healing modalities. This journey was not just about learning something new, but about finding a path to personal healing and understanding the true interconnection of mind and body.

The most successful remedy was discovering a therapist who embraced holistic healing. Alongside this, as I pursued and gained certifications in meditation, yoga, nutrition, personal training, massage, clinical hypnosis, and sound therapy, the mentors I encountered in each field became my lifelines. Their guidance was invaluable; they patiently navigated me through my initial skepticism and helped dismantle the arrogance rooted in my academic achievements, which had once made me dismissive of these holistic approaches.

Adopting a new diet rich in nutritious foods, vitamins, and minerals rebuilt my gut microbiome and hormonal health. Combined with proper hydration, a daily gentle workout routine, massage, and holistic mind therapy, I began to heal. Although the changes were not immediately apparent, I persisted, finding wisdom in books like "The Body Keeps the Score" and "When the Body Says No." Meditation and fostering a community of supportive individuals further enriched my recovery.

The transformation I experienced stemmed from a combination of deep mental focus and subsequent physical relaxation. I was intentional about incorporating talk therapy with aromatherapy and body touch work, challenging my body while also making sure to get a full 8 hours of sleep—a practice my Type A personality had previously scoffed at in the past. Delving into Quantum Physics, I slowed down my brain and forged a deeper connection with the Divine, recognizing the interconnectedness of my mind and body energies with the surrounding environment, both within and beyond my control. This holistic approach not only reduced my pain and calmed my thoughts but also significantly improved my sleep patterns.

By adopting a holistic approach, I not only healed my physical pain and liberated myself from medication but also gained invaluable insight and strength, empowering me to rebuild my life free from my abuser. I became the joyful, independent mother I had always aspired to be, a stark contrast to the times when any semblance of happiness or autonomy was met with criticism from my husband. With this newfound knowledge, I could see clearly that both my personal relationship and my trust in traditional medical methodologies had been misguided. Now, equipped with a broader perspective, I've found a healthier way to live and think.

This journey from pain to empowerment inspired me to offer the same hope and healing to others. Through my practice, I provide a range of services, including massage, hypnosis, sound therapy, and innovative techniques tailored to each individual's needs. My experiences have shown me that true healing encompasses the mind, body, and spirit in unity. This holistic principle is the core of the therapies I offer, driven by a passion to guide others towards their own wellness journey.