Have you read about what hypnotherapy is, what it could cost, and think you could benefit from hypnotherapy treatment? But now you find yourself wondering, how do I find the right hypnotherapist for my needs?

In this article, we will look at ten questions you should ask when looking to find the best hypnotherapist to meet your health and wellness needs.

Let's get started . . .

15 Questions to Ask to Find the Best Hypnotherapist

The fifteen questions that are substantially vital to helping you find the best hypnotherapist focus on hypnotherapy session experience, and the qualifications, cost, and reputation of the hypnotherapist you are considering for your needs.

Questions About Qualifications

First, let's look at five questions to consider when evaluating if a hypnotherapist meets your needs. . .

  1. How Long Have you been a Hypnotherapist?

Does the hypnotherapist have months or years worth of experience working as a hypnotherapist? The length of time a person has been a hypnotherapist does not always indicate that they are right for you. You need to evaluate what you are comfortable with. Are you looking for a hypnotherapist that has been running their practice for a long time? Or are you okay with someone who is just starting their hypnotherapy business? Sometimes, hypnotherapists who are starting their business or completing their training, need to meet a certain number of hours of hypnotherapy and may offer a lower session rate.

  1. What Kind of Training do you Have for Hypnotherapy?

There are many different types and kinds of hypnotherapy training and certifications. Each with its own requirements for receiving certification in hypnotherapy. Asking a hypnotherapist about their training and what is involved will give you an idea of the background they have in hypnotherapy.

The kind of training a hypnotherapist has can also tell you about the type of hypnotherapy they practice. Each type of therapy can also help with different health and behavior challenges. If you would like information on choosing the best type of hypnotherapy read: Steps to Choosing the Best Type of Hypnotherapy for you.

  1. What License do you Have?

Some states require that hypnotherapists have a particular license. Sometimes a hypnotherapist has more than just hypnotherapy training and has degrees, and or licenses in other related fields. Knowing the level of education you are looking for in your hypnotherapist can be helpful in finding the best hypnotherapist to fit your needs.

  1. Do you Take Continuing Education Classes?

Knowing if a hypnotherapist participates and takes Continuing Education classes will give you information as to whether or not they aim to keep up with any changes or new knowledge in the field of hypnotherapy.

  1. What Education or Experience do you Have Working with a Particular Health Condition or Behavior?

If you are looking at hypnotherapy for yourself, chances are there is either a health condition like anxiety, or behavior like smoking that you are aiming to get help with. Talking about the condition and or behavior that you are seeking hypnotherapy for and asking a hypnotherapist what experience they have with it will help you gauge if they are the best hypnotherapist for you.

Next, let's turn to questions about hypnotherapy and costs . . .

Questions about Cost

  1. What is your Hourly Rate? Or Rate per Session?

The fee you will pay per hypnotherapy session differs from hypnotherapist to hypnotherapist. It also differs from city to city.

  1. Do you Offer Any Discounts?

From teachers, veterans and other discounts, it is always useful to find out if a hypnotherapist offers any discounts.

  1. Do you Accept Insurance?

Most hypnotherapists will not accept insurance; however, that does not mean you should not ask or that you should not call your health insurance company and ask about if hypnotherapy is covered and how.

  1. Do you Offer Any Packages?

If a hypnotherapist offers any packages, you may find yourself saving on their rate per session. Shopping in bulk is always beneficial.

  1. Do you Offer a Free Consultation?

A hypnotherapist who offers a free consultation is not just taking every client that calls them and offering hypnotherapy too. When a free consultation is offered - no matter if it is 30 minutes or an hour, it is offered to give not only you the chance to determine if they are the best hypnotherapist for you but also if the hypnotherapist feels that they see it as a good fit as well.

Do you have other questions about what hypnotherapy costs? Or want more detail? Check out our guide: Hypnotherapy Costs for a full analysis of hypnotherapy costs by city, which insurance companies may cover hypnotherapy and under what circumstances - and so much more.

Now let's look at questions about a hypnotherapist and its reputation . . .

Questions about Reputation

Here are five questions that should be considered about a hypnotherapist and their reputation when you are in search of the best hypnotherapist for you.

  1. Do you Have Testimonials or Reviews?

Google, Yelp, and other business directories including Heal.me have both testimonials and reviews from the companies and businesses that are listed in their directories. Asking if a hypnotherapist has any reviews or testimonials that they can share with you demonstrates their ability to be successful in the services that they offer as well as maintaining positive client relationships.

  1. Are There Any Past Clients That I may be Able to Talk to?

When you meet a hypnotherapist for your first consultation session, or prior to that, ask about speaking to past clients the hypnotherapist has worked with. This is a good way to get a greater feel for if the hypnotherapist you are contemplating choosing may be the best fit. If you are not comfortable with a phone conversation, email or text may also be good choices.

  1. Can you Tell me About Your Success Rate?

When a hypnotherapist is open about their success rates and willing to discuss what has worked and not worked for treating different issues in their hypnotherapy practice. It is a sign of clear and open communication. That is an important factor in any holistic or traditional treatment option that you are pursuing.

  1. Can you Tell me About Your Experience?

Asking a hypnotherapist about their experience is a great question for starting to build trust and report with the hypnotherapist - particularly when you are having your first session. As the hypnotherapist shares about their experience, you may find that they have taught about hypnotherapy in a country that you have visited or want to go to. Or you will find something else that connects you to the hypnotherapist. On the other hand, you may also experience the opposite. You may find that connecting with the hypnotherapist is challenging. If that is the case, it is also important. Either way, you will gain insight as to if they are the best hypnotherapist for you.

  1. Do you Offer Homework for in Between Hypnotherapy Sessions?

Asking if a hypnotherapist offers homework sessions in between hypnotherapy sessions gives you one more way of seeing how the hypnotherapist values having a positive reputation. Why? When homework is given out by a hypnotherapist, it helps reinforce the work done during a session. When the work and progress made during a hypnotherapy session is supported with homework, a hypnotherapist is supporting the changes in your success and in turn, their success rate.

And no, we are not talking about writing a four-page essay on your experience going to hypnotherapy. That type of homework is not part of hypnotherapy. Homework in between hypnotherapy sessions may look like this:

  • Self-hypnosis

  • Workbooks

  • Listening to the Mp3 of your session

  • Listening to other CDs or MP3s of hypnosis

  • Other activities and exercises

Now, let's conclude with three key factors that cannot be overlooked when finding the best hypnotherapist for you . . .

Hypnotherapy Practitioners and Finding the Best Hypnotherapist for you

As you go through these questions and begin to gain a greater sense of what is asked over the phone and in-person to find the best hypnotherapist for you, you will also start to wonder, where do I look for a hypnotherapist? Heal.me has many practitioners who specialize in hypnotherapy for both health conditions and behaviors.

As you go through the questions on your journey to find the best, qualified and reputable hypnotherapist for you - here are three key factors that should not be overlooked:

  1. Comfort level: From a scale of 1-10, how comfortable do you feel with the hypnotherapist you are considering using for your treatment? This is essential because rapport with hypnotherapist/client has been shown to play a role in how hypnotherapy works.

  2. Specialty: Considering the many different types of hypnotherapy and the many conditions and behavior that hypnotherapy can be helpful and work for - Does the hypnotherapist you are looking at utilizing specialize and have experience treating what you are seeking hypnotherapy for?

  3. Training: Some states have licensing and certification requirements for hypnotherapists. Does the hypnotherapist you are deliberating as to if they are the best fit for you - have the qualifications and licensing that you are seeking?


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