So You Want To Understand the Different Brain Waves.


There are 5 natural brain wave states: Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.


Gamma brain waves help you to concentrate. They help you by creating increased mental activity including: perception, problem solving efforts, fear and general consciousness.

The Beta wave state is where you are right now; awake, alert, reading and talking.

When you close your eyes, you go into the Alpha state. We are in and out of this state throughout the day even with our eyes open for instance when you are operating on “autopilot” feeling relaxed while waiting in line or not really paying attention to what you are doing. It’s a bit dreamy. Did you know that our beloved television can put us into alpha which is an opportunity advertisers love. Prayer and meditation can also put us in Alpha. You get the idea.

Theta is the next natural brain wave state. We actually put ourselves naturally two times every day; when we are just falling asleep and just as we are waking up. It is in the Theta state that we work in when doing Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT). The Theta state is where all the answers lie as well as the quantum field, where we can heal ourselves naturally. Sometimes these healing happen immediately, sometimes they take time and sometimes we are told that the healing is not appropriate for one reason or another. Sometimes the reason is karma or that you need to accomplish certain things for yourself (like forgiveness, etc.) in order for the healing to take place.

Delta is the brain wave state we are in when we sleep. I think we all understand that state. Blessings to you!