“Time heals all wounds”. Hold your horses! Time does not heal trapped emotions. These “wounds” simply fester and affect many areas of a person’s life. You should recognize that trapped emotions are often the unsung villain at the root of illness, disease, discomfort along with emotional distress and failure in multiple arenas of your life be that business or personal. Clearly, these nasty things have tentacles that can maneuver their way into the nooks and crannies of your life. Not a pretty picture.

Oh, so you think that a few sessions with a shrink might eradicate these errant little buggers. Well unless your shrink gives you an Emotion Code session to release whatever trapped emotions you have picked up, your sessions may give you fabulous tools and be very helpful in intellectually understanding the dysfunctional dynamic causing your emotional distress and resultant problems but the energetic bundle that we call a trapped emotion remains there until it is released. Period. While you can’t see a trapped emotion on an x-ray, you can sense its presence and, more importantly, witness it wreck havoc in your life. Trapped emotions are baggage. Emotional baggage from the past. Often trapped emotions are baggage that someone else packed for you. Ouch! Emotion Code finds that emotional baggage, opens it, identifies it, unpacks it then tosses it (wrapped in love) into the trash wrapped. Trapped emotions can keep you from living your most vibrant, healthy, happy life. And you were meant to live your most vibrant, healthy and happy life! So release your trapped emotions and see your life anew with vibrancy, abundance, health and authentic happy relationships. Blessings to you!

(Source: The Emotion Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson)