As a physical therapist and a mother, I have faced numerous challenges, but none as significant as the one that began when my son suffered a fall at the age of three. It was a journey that not only transformed his life but also inspired me to dedicate my career to helping others find hope and healing through holistic therapies.

My son's fall onto his teeth caused an internal facial compression injury that was invisible to the naked eye initially, but a few months later, we noticed a sudden change in his eye positions, which gradually worsened over time. This condition not only impacted his confidence but also led to questions from other children about his appearance. As a mother, it was heartbreaking to watch my child struggle with something that seemed to have no clear explanation or solution.

Seeking answers, we turned to traditional medicine, but encountered several limitations. Pediatric ophthalmologists could not provide a conclusive diagnosis or explanation for his condition. One even suggested surgery without addressing the underlying cause, which I felt was not the right approach. It was a turning point for me when the second ophthalmologist dismissed the possibility of the teeth injury causing internal tension affecting the eyes. I felt frustrated and abandoned by the medical field, but also motivated to find a solution myself.

We tried several therapies, including neuro-chiropractic, upper cervical chiropractic, regular chiropractic, vision therapy, osteopathic adjustments, and a brain balance program, but none of these led to the solutions we needed. It was then that I decided to explore holistic healing options. After some research, I came across craniosacral therapy, particularly neuromeningeal techniques and cranial nerve treatments, and we finally found the key to unlocking my son's healing. These therapies addressed the internal lines of tension caused by the facial compression injury and other accumulated traumas, ultimately leading to the resolution of his eye misalignment.

Prior to my experience with these holistic approaches, I was overwhelmed with feelings of anger, defeat, and neglect by the medical field. However, I also felt a strong determination to find answers for my son. As we delved deeper into craniosacral therapy and witnessed the rapid changes in his condition, a meaningful change occurred within me. Seeing his eyes clear and center, his confidence improve, and his ability to engage with his peers without the burden of self-consciousness filled me with gratitude and a renewed sense of purpose.

Through this experience, I have gained insights that go beyond just physical healing. I discovered that medical tests and imaging that sometimes show "no results" can still provide useful information when viewed through a different lens. I learned that medical doctors may have a limited perspective and that invasive procedures are not always the solution, even when presented as the only option. Most importantly, I learned to trust my instincts and to dive deeper into the unknown when faced with challenges.

Inspired by our journey, I opened my own private practice as a physical therapist, focusing on treating chronic pain using the knowledge and skills I acquired along the way. 

I've mastered techniques to unravel scars and free organs, pinpoint toxic accumulation in tissues, and facilitate lymphatic drainage from the body's stagnant areas. I've learned to release the surplus energies stemming from emotional and physical traumas and to discern the origins of someone's headaches—whether they emanate from the skull or the brain. I've embraced the importance of listening to and respecting someone's tissues, adopting a holistic approach rather than imposing my plans. My observation of various body systems has significantly enhanced my capacity to alleviate pain, symptoms, and diseases in my clients, freeing them from diverse forms of suffering. The key lessons from our journey motivate me to support clients in their quest for hope, answers, and healing for conditions that may seem hopeless.

I am filled with gratitude for the chance to guide numerous individuals on their healing journeys. My career is focused on affirming my clients' intuitive understanding of their bodies, investigating palpable lines of tension, and resolving long-standing injuries and traumas. This process not only frees them from years of pain, tension, anxiety, fear, and trauma but also leads them toward freedom, closure, and wholeness.