On March 4, 2019

Do you like to travel? Duuuh, who doesn’t, you may think. Some people actually don’t, for reasons such as laziness, safety, complacency, or simply no need for novelty. We are all different, if you don’t like to travel, fine, stop reading here :)

However, if you do like to travel, tell me in the comments below where would you like to go next? Have you chosen your next destination yet, maybe you’ve even planned it all out already?

If you have your next two trips all planned out, you’re among the top travelers, congratulations! And planning doesn’t necessarily mean having every stop and step figured out, just maybe the where (destination), when (timing), and how (transportation).

A dream without a plan is just a wish. – Katherine Paterson


A goal without a plan is just a dream. – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

If you wish for something, plan it and make it happen. And it’s easier with a clearly defined goal. Once you have a goal, the desire and the drive ignite, you feel your body cells getting excited one after another, you can smell the ocean or the fresh mountain air, you can touch the sand between your fingers and taste that local food in your mouth.

I love goal setting. I set them for my career, I set them for my finances, and I set them for traveling. Last year, I decided to bring it up a notch, I said I was going to travel every month. In November, I went to Austin, in December to Morocco, In January to San Diego (where the picture below was taken), and in March to Chicago.

Yes, this is not a mistake, I did not forget February, I just did not go anywhere in February. I did not plan it and it was ok. My two trips prior to the one in Chicago were so close together they were almost connected and I simply wanted some time to focus on other things. See, the key point about goals is to set them high, so that even if you don’t reach the 100%, you will end up with 50% more than what you would have, had the goal been set too low.

Ok, what?? Yeah, I know, this may sound confusing. Let’s talk numbers. Let’s say you’re now making $50k per year. Go bold and set your financial goal for the next year at $100k! If you end up reaching $75k, did you lose or gain anything? Theoretically, you did not reach your goal, i.e. you lost. Practically, you earned 50% more than the previous year! Woooow, that’s true!! Great job on that! If your goal had been set to $55k or $60k, chances of you reaching $75k are low. You’d be missing that stretch that gives you the extra motivation.

Now this doesn’t always work. You want to get to know yourself before you set extremely high goals. Some people are so beat when they reach 95% of their goal, they only see their glass half empty, even if the glass is taller and can contain much more volume now, resulting in 50% full now meaning maybe 150% from what was before in a tiny glass. Same thing as with the nutrition: get to know how your unique body and mind work.

I have my next two trips planned: Phoenix in April and Europe (Slovenia + Austria, which is where I’m originally from) in May.

Sure, there are risks when it comes to planning far ahead? I like to look on the bright side of life. What is the best benefit of planning two trips ahead? When the first one is over, you’re not sad, you’re already looking forward to the next one!

So, what are you waiting for? Go and make your dream come true! =D

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