"Plant-based" seems to be a buzz word these days...you see it on products in the grocery stores, it's all over Facebook and other social media. This lifestyle or way of eating is gaining popularity now likely due to the frustration many people have with their health concerns and their weight.

We have become a nation, a world, really, of overweight and unhealthy people. There are many contributors and what we are choosing to put in our mouths is very high on the list. We are consuming more food than ever...much of it highly processed with very little actual "food" in it. Our busy lifestyles are dictating fast and convenient foods for our families and ourselves and we are experiencing obesity, fatigue, depression and so many other health issues because of it.

Moving toward eating more whole food, more plant based foods can have an amazing impact on our health and well-being! This is not always easy in that fast paced life I mentioned above. Consider this...how about adding more fruit or vegetables to your daily routine? We often think about what we have to give up...let's shift that to what we can get from eating more plants! We get wonderful tasting foods, more energy, perfect digestion, glowing skin...and so much more.

A whole food, plant based lifestyle includes eating fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, whole grain, nuts and seeds. Many of us omit added oils and sugars and, of course, all animal products including meat and dairy. Plant foods combine into so many delicious recipes that you would be astounded at the options. There are more and more plant based recipe websites...there are truly more recipes available than there are meals!

Curious to know more? Reach out to me to learn more about transitioning to a whole food, plant based way of eating. You don't have to be 100% all in to get many of the benefits! What if you improved your eating by 70-80%? What might you see with your health? Of course, if you have a chronic illness and want the best chance of reversing it, a whole food plant based diet is the ideal treatment for almost all chronic illnesses. Diabetes (type 2), high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, many auto-immune conditions and more have all been reversed or significantly improved with this eating style. What's holding you back from having better health?

Please comment on your successes eating a plant based diet below. Check out my profile and follow me! Would love to connect with you to hear more about your journey to your best health.