Below is a Lyme disease checklist that you can use as a self-assessment tool when checking if you may have Lyme disease. For each question answer Yes, No, or Maybe on a piece of paper:

4 Questions about your Activities:

1. Have you gone hiking in a tick-prone are?

2. Have you traveled to an area in the country, or world, where ticks are prevalent or Lyme disease cases have been reported?

3. Can you remember being bitten by a tick?

4. Did you have to remove a tick or more than one tick from your body recently?

8 Questions about the early and Beginning Symptoms of Lyme Disease you may be Experiencing

1. Is there a red rash on your skin that is growing and expanding?

2. Have you been experiencing flu-like symptoms?

3. Have you been experiencing facial muscle weakness or paralysis?

4. Is your neck stiff?

5. Have you been experiencing headaches?

6. Have you been lightheaded? Have you fainted, experienced chest pain, or experienced shortness of breath recently?

7. When you go to sleep or try to go to sleep, have you been feeling random shooting pains in your body?

8. Have you been experiencing swelling and pain throughout your large joints?

6 Questions about late and more Advanced Symptoms you may be Experiencing

1. Are you experiencing mood changes and symptoms of depression and other emotion-related conditions?

2. Are you experiencing any of the following: nerve pain, numbness, hot/cold sensations or tingling?

3. Have you been experiencing any digestive or stomach issues?

4. Have you found yourself living with headaches or fatigue?

5. Do your muscles hurt?

6. Do you find yourself wondering if you are experiencing memory loss, a sleep impairment, or a cognitive impairment?

After going through this self-assessment checklist for Lyme disease, and you feel your symptoms align, it would be a good idea to get yourself evaluated by a doctor for Lyme disease.