To start, you must have a discipline of self mastery in order to be able to complete the necessary steps in the quantum field and thus bring about creating your heart’s desires. By this, it is meant at that you must have a regular practice of meditation or the like. Sorry, this does not come in pill form. You have to work diligently and consistently for it. The qualities that are a required to sustain an effective practice are the very qualities which are needed to create in the quantum field. The quantum field is the space where anything is possible. In the quantum field, your thoughts and corresponding emotions create your reality. The definition of the quantum field, according to Dr. Joe Dispenza, “is an invisible field of energy and information—or you could say a field of intelligence or consciousness—that exists beyond space and time. Nothing physical or material exists there. It’s beyond anything you can perceive with your senses. This unified field of energy and information is what governs all the laws of nature.”

Without getting too philosophical or scientific, for hundreds of years we have ascribed to the Newtonian paradigm that proposes separatism and materialism. Many agree that has led us to a global culture that is out of balance. We are now tending more toward the Quantum paradigm which offers a world view of connectedness and consciousness. Now let’s differentiate more fully between the Newtonian paradigm and the Quantum paradigm.


The Newtonian paradigm:



The Quantum paradigm:



So now that you understand the basis upon which we can apply the recipe and even brilliance of accessing the quantum field, we can address the “how” of it. I am sure that as you read the “how” of it, you will grasp the “why” of it. What will be left to grasp is the “will” of it. Amazingly, if you embrace the “how” and realize the “why”, the “will” joins in eagerly. This is because the “truth” of it will ring so clearly that there is nothing to be done but to get it in every cell of your being.


So this is how you access the quantum field of possibilities, where you consciously create your reality.

Relax your body by slowing down your brain waves. You can do this by meditating, using breathing techniques or visualizations.

Quiet your mind. You must get into a ground state, otherwise known as a zero place, the quantum gap or the void. Tune into the quiet gap or the still pond. Remember, the empty vessel holds unlimited possibilities. You want your mind to be the empty vessel.


Focus with clear intent. This requires that you be able to harness your will. You can learn to do this by developing a daily practice of meditation. This will strengthen the quality of your will as you develop discipline, patience, concentration and holding focus for long periods of time. This is where the work comes in. Make the commitment and stick to it. Every day! That means make a certain schedule of when and where you will meditate, as well as for how long. Every day that you choose to honor your commitment to meditate, you are bit by bit altering the wiring in your brain. Where the brain may have been wired to lay in bed sleeping to the last second and then rushing to get ready to leave for the day’s events, you will now choose to get up early and meditate. The brilliance behind this involves a bit of science. It is said that what fires together, wires together. That means that when you repeatedly have a particular behavioral pattern of two or more behaviors, the neurons fire together to make these behaviors happen. After some repetition, the neurons actually become wired together so that they function is lock step. Always together. So when you set out to break this old pattern or habit, you resist this automatic firing tendency and begin to establish a new pattern. The idea being that you are now creating a better pattern of what is now firing together and then wiring together. This takes time. So you got it, at first it can be a bit difficult then it becomes a habit and, therefore; much easier. Therein lies the mystery of making a new habit utilizing the will to do it. Your brain changes to support this new habit by disrupting the old wiring and replacing it with new wiring. This tends to take about 28 days (aka: 1 moon cycle). Some say it could take about 40 days. Whatever!You get the point. If you like, go for 40 to be sure. Better yet, go for life! I know this was a bit long, but it is worth explaining as the explanation might assist you in finding the will you need to make a better choice which will produce the new wiring. Knowledge is power.

Next you need to develop a combination of belief and intense desire. Doing so creates a state of coherence. So you believe in what you are creating (and that you can create it) while experiencing intense desire or elevated emotion for it. You wait with excitement for the many simultaneous possibilities. Now there are a few inextricably necessary points here. Let me explain them so you don’t miss them by virtue of a short description. If you are lacking coherence, your intent might be sent ineffectively. It’s easy for us to grasp the notion of feeling the desire but desire alone is not enough. We must simultaneously feel the corresponding elevated emotion along with it. This has to do with vibration. (That’s a whole other article in itself.) An example of elevated emotion would be gratitude or joy. Finally, be open to many possibilities. If one particular outcome is chosen by virtue of your focus, then it “collapses into a particle” (also known as a quantum event). When that happens on that one option, you no longer have options for other outcomes. When your focus shifts, the particle reverts back to energy. This is wild stuff! That part is a discussion for another time, perhaps with a quantum physicist. It is very important to transcend the illusion of separation and develop a unity consciousness. In this way you are more able to manifest your desires.


You must rely on and trust your intuition. Only your intuition can peer through the hologram and see into reality. When your intuition is strong and you can trust it, you can then set your ego aside. In doing this, we surrender to a higher wisdom. Let your intuition guide you. You’ll recognize your intuition as a heart-centered feeling of inner deep knowing, peace and certainty. Once you confidently sense that inner knowing, “see” it with gratitude manifesting as though it is already done. Soon I’ll write a bit about creating the theatrical production you call your life. You’ll see how you need to take charge of your thoughts. Look for it. Blessings to you!
(Source: Physicist, Theresa Bullard, Ph D)