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What are your favorite mantras?

I would love to know! Whether you use them during meditation, prayer, yoga, or in a ritual of your own creation.

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Lynn Block
I am a Health Coach, 500 Hour Registered Yoga Instructor, and Personal trainer, who helps guide people on their wellness journey.

Hari Om
~~ Purifies and removes obstacles. Opens the heart. Awakens prana (natural energy) in the body. I say it throughout my yoga practice.

Maxine Thomas, M.D.
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"I Am the Light!", is my favorite current mantra. In meditation, my goal is to clear my mind, stop any chatter, including mantras and just be in the light. I focus on the light.

Linda K. Bradak L.M.T., CST-D

Though I am now a Catholic, the mantra I learned in the 1970's from Siddha Yoga remains ever in me, as though on an endlessly repeating tape loop, OM NAMAH SHIVAYA. It's the last thing I hear in my "inner chant" as I go to sleep. If I find myself, for example, in traffic in my car, an "invisible hand" turns the dial and I hear myself chanting it out loud. I anticipate that I'll hear it at the time of my death, too. It's a great comfort to be reminded that everything endlessly transforms.

Dr. Fred Birnbaum
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I have several- Gayatri Mantra, the Kedusha (Holy holy holy is the Lord of hosts, the whole world is filled with his glory), Namo Amida Butsu

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