As a colon hydrotherapist I often encounter the popular misconception that a colon hydrotherapy session will wash away the healthy bacteria in the colon. Or even worse, that it will eliminate electrolytes, vitamins, and nutrients from your body. My experience of observing the results of over 65,000 sessions tells me otherwise.

First, with most of us having grown up on the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is high in fat, sugar and processed foods while being low in fiber and plant based foods, you may not even have an abundance of healthy bacteria in your colon. It’s much more likely that you are depleted of pro- and pre-biotics before you have even had a colonic. You may be deficient as well in Vitamin D and Omega-3, which also encourage a healthy colon. 

What a series of colonics will do is assist you in re-establishing the healthy environmental integrity of the gut, simply by cleaning out fecal material, excess mucus, and gas. It is a very gentle washing, under 1/8 lb. PSI, of multi-filtered water in and out of the large intestine. The good and bad bacteria may be temporarily affected; but by cleaning your colon, I believe the healthy ones have a better chance to proliferate. Scientific research shows that colonics have no negative impact on electrolyte or nutrient levels.


Often the choices you make in what you eat after a colonic are actually what will determine the ongoing health of your colon. Taking both probiotics as a supplement or in foods where they naturally occur (such as yogurt, green peas, dark chocolate, and kefir) along with prebiotics (found in fermented foods like sauerkraut, kimchee, and kombucha) is encouraged along with adding sources of Omega-3s and Vitamin D. 

Most of the nutrients get absorbed into the body through the small intestine, while the large intestine is where the water is getting absorbed out of the remaining chyme (a mass of partially digested food created in the stomach). The numerous bacteria will respond to what is passing through. Furthermore, the colon is where a large part of your auto-immune system is located. Recent research also indicates that endorphins and dopamine get released in the large intestine – all the more reason to keep it clean.