You know the saying, "you are what you eat", it is SO true. We eat whatever our food eats, we absorb whatever stresses are food absorbs, and our health and waistline suffer because of it. Its about more than eating fewer calories or making sure you get enough protein, fat and carbs. Choosing food that is organic, grass fed, pasture raised, etc. is just as important. Keep these points in mind when deciding on your next meal. Your waistline and taste buds will thank you later.

  1. You want meat that is 100% grass fed. This will account for less calories per oz of meat, lower saturated fats but high unsaturated fat, and will be higher in vitamins and minerals.
  2. You want meat that is pasture raised. This will help reduce the amount of cortisol the animal makes because of stress and you will be less likely to ingest it as well. A diet high in cortisol will result in accumulating fat around the middle.
  3. Eating grass fed meat is better for the environment. By allowing animals to graze in a pasture this will help compensate for greenhouse gases emitted by cattle while grazing in confine cages.
  4. Grass fed meat tastes so much better. Grass fed meat is more active so their meat develops more pronounced flavor.
  5. Choose deep, cold water fish because farm raised fish do not have a lot of room to swim and are prone to disease, they are often given antibiotics as well as commercial dyes to give them a healthy color. Even the feed they are given may have toxins that are passed on to the consumer. Next time you are buying your meat or seafood check the label, if it doesn't say grass fed, pasture raised, cage free or deep water then put it back. Your health isn't worth the money you will save.

Health and Love,

Coach Kela