For nearly four decades, I suffered from migraines that hijacked my life. They were more than just headaches; they were thieves of time, joy, and vitality. As a business owner, a mother, and an active community member, these migraines left me bedridden and absent from my own life for days on end.

The doctors I consulted offered only one solution: medication. This included Imitrex, heavy doses of Advil, Tylenol, Aleve, and Excedrin, all of which came with the risk of long-term liver damage if used persistently—a risk I was unwilling to take. I wasn't seeking a temporary fix or just to dull the pain; I needed true healing to prevent the migraines from returning. Despite my reservations, during particularly unbearable episodes, I resorted to these medications. They sometimes provided relief, but other times they failed, adding to the irony of my situation.

These headaches caused me to miss out on a valuable opportunity in 2004. I had been scheduled to speak at the annual International Coaching Federation Conference, where I would share my experience in leading and building one of the country's most successful chapters, the Marin Coaches Alliance. This was to be a proud moment for me, both professionally and personally. However, instead of standing on that stage at the annual Internation Coach Federation Conference, I found myself in bed, overcome with a debilitating migraine. Missing this significant event was a sobering reminder of the opportunities and experiences being stolen from me by my condition. 

Eventually, in my efforts towards true healing, I consulted a Medical Intuitive. This practitioner had the unique ability to identify health issues by tapping into a deeper level of consciousness. As she guided me in identifying the specific emotions and beliefs underlying my chronic pain, we started to incorporate some of my own intuitive insights into our sessions. This collaborative approach was a turning point in my healing, and it worked to enhance the effectiveness of treatments like Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a form of acupressure/tapping, and Accelerated Evolution that we were diligently doing to relieve my persistent pain.  As I engaged with these holistic practices, I began to uncover the emotional roots of my physical pain. 

The migraines, it turned out, were a physical response to emotional and psychological distress. My body was keeping score of the traumas and stresses I had not yet acknowledged or released. My Medical Intuitive and I worked to transform my inner landscape and the migraines began to recede. 

Before this transformation, my life was a cycle of anticipation and recovery from pain, a constant battle against an invisible enemy. But as the migraines faded, a new sense of freedom emerged. I woke up to days filled with potential rather than dread. My energy returned, my spirit lifted, and I found joy in the simple continuity of life without interruption.

The remarkable outcomes I experienced in my healing journey with my Medical Intuitive partner were the driving forces behind my decision to pursue professional certification in several non-traditional areas. My personal transformation from enduring daily pain to living a life full of health and vitality inspired me to marry a 30 year coaching practice, which had previously been focused on personal leadership, to health coaching as well. I designed and have been leading Life Attunement Sessions™ for years and have helped hundreds of people transform their health outcomes. I knew that if I could change a 4 decade year old pattern, I wanted to help other people do it, too.

These sessions are tailored to assist individuals who are facing their own struggles with chronic pain or emotional issues that they have not been able to resolve, despite the fact that they have 'tried everything'. You deserve relief and to reclaim your life force energy, as I was able to do.