Have you ever broken up with someone?

A boss or job, a love interest, a friend, a coach, a group or a club.

On good terms, it can be disappointing, scary, exciting, encouraging, amazing, freeing, overwhelming, and emotional.

On bad terms, it can be … disappointing, scary, exciting, encouraging, amazing, freeing, overwhelming, and emotional.

We often roll into judgement, comparison, could haves, should haves, would haves, what ifs, and we can choose to let ourselves wallow in the disappointment of the breakup or give thanks for what was and move on to what’s next.

What if breakups can be easy?

Our expectations are what make things hard to do, create sticky situations, or leave us feeling unhappily attached.

Over the past five years, I’ve worked with a lot of coaches for my business, mindset, course creation, writing, speaking, energy, sales, intuition, and so much more.

I’ve broken up with all of them at some point. Some breakups were tumultuous, while others were simply a drifting away from one another.

Each coach has come into my life as a teacher to help me move closer to my truth and into full alignment with who I am and what I’m here to do on this planet.

These teachers have challenged me to think differently, connect with my intuition, listen to my heart and my gut while setting aside logic, reason, and the perceived safety of the way things have always been done.

When we are challenged by our teachers, we step more fully into our truths.

Many times, we do so without realizing that as students, we are also teachers.

We are all teaching and learning from one another each and every moment on this planet.

My teachers will come and go and I am grateful to each of them for the role they’ve played in my life on this journey. I have so much love and gratitude for them, and a surprising amount of forgiveness — for them, and especially for myself.

That forgiveness part is the key to this whole breakup process.

We might not like an experience, but looking back, it’s the friction that starts the fire.

The fires in my life have created intense expansion as I’ve chosen what feels right to me and where I stand. It’s what lights me up and helps me shine more brightly for others to see.

My method of coaching is different than everyone else’s because it’s formed by the teachers I’ve encountered along the way, the friction I’ve experienced, my own personal growth and expansion, how I want to be treated and treat others, and that’s how it’s meant to be.

Teachers flow in and out of our lives for as long as we need them. Let them. Welcome the new ones in while wishing the previous ones on their way.

Let the energy flow.

Learn. Live. Expand.

Where do you need more, or less, friction in your life?

If you want help processing and moving through any of your breakups or challenging moments with life’s incredible teachers, schedule a free call with me and let’s create a plan to move forward.


Amanda H Young is an Intuitive Business Coach, Bestselling Author, and Speaker helping find answers for those seeking clarity.