Feeling a little scattered and out-of-focus? What if you show up for life more relaxed? Less stressed? Fully connected to your mind, body and soul? 

Would you, and the people around you, benefit from you being that person?

The answer is a definite Yes! 

When you take the time to schedule and do Self-Care, you do everybody a favor. You center and ground yourself. That is, you bring your scattered energies back to yourself and you become aware of being present in your body. Perhaps you become more present in your whole life, too.

I speak here from a Healing Touch Practitioner point of view. We are trained to ask about four levels of health & be-ing: Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. All of these energies make up who we are. All of these energies can be moving together in a natural flow or they can be out of sync. Being human probably means not flowing 100% of every day and situation, but what if consciously taking care of yourself puts you closer to that goal?

So, take resposibility for Self-Care. Get a massage. Stay home or go out for an evening. Diffuse some lavendar (or whatever calms you) into your air. Schedule and work with a Healing Touch, Reiki or other Practitioner of choice. Talk with a therapist. Exercise. Meditate. Go to temple, church, group. Do what connects your mind, body and spirit. You will thank you. Your partners, friends and co-workers will notice. Ahhh!

What is your Self-Care routine? Who is part of your Self-Care team? If you are willing to share, comment below!

Wishing you connection,