Sciatic Pain-What It Is-What To Do About It

Neil Hall * Bowenwork® Practitioner * Bowtech Health Center

Sciatic pain is a term that has come to mean any pain involving the lower back or buttocks that radiates down the posterior (back of) leg, normally affecting only one buttock and one leg, possibly to the foot. This pain may move over time to the other side but usually remains on the same side. Knowing how to distinguish between the different types of sciatic pain makes treatment more effective. It can also aid in knowing when to see a specialist.

The most common types of sciatic pain are covered in two types:

  1. Axial sciatica-caused by compression of the nerve roots at the intervertebral foramina of nerves L1-S3. The sciatic nerve itself L4-S3, impingements of L1-L3 often causes sciatic-type symptoms as well.
  2. Appendicular sciatica-pain is caused from nerve entrapment distal (at a distance) from the nerve root. More information on this in article Sciatic-Appendicular Sciatic Pain.

A test for Axial Sciatica when performed and interpreted correctly has a 90% statistical positive result. Sit on edge of chair and lift leg of offending side (leg must be straight no bend at the knee) the sciatic pain is reproduced at 30°to 70°. If this is true your question is probably, what can I do? It is usually best to seek out a manual therapy approach from someone who is experienced in working with sciatic pain. Deep work can in some cases worsen the condition. If no results are achieved after several treatments you may need to see a specialist.

Our Bowenwork Technique is a mild form of manual bodywork (see article on Bowenwork Techique) it is usually successful in improving and correcting Sciatic Pain, 2-3 sessions usually show signs of improvement, chronic Sciatica often takes several additional sessions but if some improvement has been accomplished continuing Bowenwork is successful in most cases. Sessions are spaced out a week apart to begin with and spaced as needed later. We offer a free consulation for you to learn more about Bowenwork and be able to make a more intellegent decision.