Lower Back Pain (LBP) is something that about 80% of the worlds population will experience at some point in their lives.

Bowenwork (BW) is a powerful technique that can ease muscle aches and pains by stimulating the central and peripheral autonomic nervous system.

If your LBP was not caused by an impact injury it is usually a manifestation resulting from systemic imbalances that have been there long enough to bring about LBP.  As a BW Practitioner we need to be aware that many different things may be contributing to LBP so we will check stance etc. before beginning and then as we proceed with the BW session pay heed to tensions and soreness that we may encounter. Pelvic imbalance, Hamstring tension, TMJ problems,Psoas Muscle imbalance and much more can be possible. So as we work with all of these we not only improve or correct the LBP but resolve many other things in the process.

When these areas are brought back into balance it can often relieve a situation that has caused an intervertebral disc to bulge and apply pressure to root nerves exiting the spine. Thereby avoiding the possibility of surgery.

In most LBP cases a BW session will last 1 to 1 1/2 hour and most procedures are light movements only strong enough to activate the nerve in the area so we can work thru light clothing, therefore non-invasive. 

For LBP problems we will usually include certain core procedures such as lumbar, thoracic, cervical spine, sacum and diaphragm adding procedures that correspond to other areas of pain or tension.

To those of you who have had back surgery and still have pain, the BW can often help resolve that, it is definitly worth trying.