You may be worried if you have some of the above problems and especially if you have had them for some time.

Many of our clients have tried so many things and the problem still existed, most of them the Bowenwork helped.

You would like to find a more effective approach.

We cannot guarantee results but we have above normal good results for problems that nothing else has cleared. Our method Bowenwork does not involve any medication or surgery. If that appears to be needed we will recommend you have a Doctor check it out.

You probably only have one of the above problems but often some of them are tied together.


Most neck pain problems will resolve in only 2-3 sessions. If your problem is a disk problem it will usually take longer to correct as disk do not change quickly. My most complicated neck pain patient had a severe whiplash injury and had worn a neck brace for 27 yrs, nothing had helped. I had to encourage her to continue sessions to begin with and she was willing, it took 1 1/2 years but she doesn't wear a neck brace anymore.

Some neck pains may be from a plevic misalignment, usually one leg shorter than the other and the neck moves to the opposit side to try to balance the body, so we will work to correct that so the neck can position itself correctly.

Many neck problems can occur from excessive work on a computer, a hair dresser and many other things that cause us to place our muscles in a prolonged tension, these usually respond rather quickly.

Injuries can often be the cause, sports often cause neck pain. Even pain after surgery can often be helped.

We offer a free consulation so we can evaluate your condition and you can decide if our sessions are right for you.

Sinus & TMJ

Sinus problems often begin draining at the end of a session, we work with the upper respiratory and TMJ specifically and other procedures to help balance the body so it can perform normally.

The TMJ joint can be painful sometimes, can cause tooth grinding, can affect many other areas of or body as there is about 40 nerves in that joint that go to many parts of the body. Our TMJ procedure is also usually effective in helping with concussions. Dizziness (vertigo) usually responds to the TMJ procedure.

We usually recommend 2-3 sessions which either clears up the problem or for chronic problems should show some improvement which indicates more improvement with more sessions.

Migraines & Headaches

Many different areas of the body can be the cause of these painful situations. The worst I have seen was a man in the Air Force who was having Migraines every day and going to the emergency room once or twice a week. You can view his results on You Tube & search for KTAB & PTSD. Since the Bowenwork is a whole body session it helps us to locate the cause and begin to help it return to normal.