Life is funny. The more we pause to breathe into the present the more our fulfilled future unfolds. But we live so long trying to avoid what is found in the present for fear of what may be there. Whether seemingly good or bad. I think because we are afraid of waking up to inadequacy. So instead we choose a path paved by self-sabatoge. It's one of numbing, resisting, suppressing & doing whatever else it may take to prove our subconscious belief right; that we aren't good enough. Because somehow it's easier to grasp our own controlled demise than one that we fear is on the horizon.

But you see, for you and I to have just read that, let it soak in, we can't go back to that way of being in the same way. So the first step is always awareness. In seeing, there is some freeing.

Second step here, is to pause, breathe, put your hand on your heart (I promise this step is essential) & finally lean into some grace for yourself. The grace can be given because we all must remember we are only human. And what that means is we have limitations, messups & usually become what is reflected back to us starting in infancy.

You see, it's not all in our hands aka it's not all our fault. And no, this isn't a cop out. It's just how it is and it is so vital to grasp in our healing journey's. If we want to live a life standing in our highest self we have to understand our origin story. We have to invite in some reparenting. And this is where you begin; with grace.

Grace just like the grace given by loving and supporting parents would give over and over while teaching you how to read that book, walk across the street hand in hand, use your pants as a toilet or make a mess while learning to bring spoon to mouth with a plate of peas.

What I did right there was reframe the idea of grace for you. I did so because I have found that when we humans are used to self-sabatoge we usually have blinders up for a lot of good things and find reason to laugh off some beautiful elements of life we do in fact deserve to experience. And grace is one of them.

Okay, so now that we have some awareness & grace under our belts, here comes the hard step; believing you are already enough.

Because you are. You are innately loved. Purposed. Seen. Heard. Supported. Beautiful. Important. And oh so enough.

Let that sink in. As I say to the beautiful people I coach, you may have to trick yourself into believing it at first. It's like smiling when you feel anything but happy. Eventually that smile softens you and your brain starts aggreeing with that messaging.



So just like with that, let's send some messaging to our being to agree with the good stuff.

Right there is when the magic happens. Because our beliefs, our agreements, pave out the paths of our behaviors. If we believe we are good enough, our life is going to start reflecting that. We won't accept anything less than best. Walking in wholeness and worthiness is going to be a no brainer. The challenge is to now constantly remind yourself of your enoughness.

Daily, each morning, each moment before action, bring yourself back through the steps:

1) awareness (seeing is freeing)

2) grace (where there's been self-sabatoge)

3) belief (affirming your enoughness)

These steps are simple, but profound. I practice them daily. Because the more we do it, the more we build the belief muscle. Which will be necessary to fight the resistance of our inner critic trying to keep us small. It usually comes up any time we may be on the brink of doing something so important and out of our comfort zone (becuase we all know that's where the real growth happens, right).

I say this not to scare you, but the prepare you. Don't give up now. Keep going. I promise it's worth it. It's worth it to shut down that voice of smallness trying to convince you that what is in your hands you can't handle. That this isn't for you. That you aren't equipped. That you aren't good enough. And sometimes you may fall into it, because it feels familiar after so long of operating under that umbrella of limiting belief.

But you will get tired. You will get tired or reading and writing that same small story. So you will return back to those steps. Those simple yet profound steps that will have you walking on the path of fullness. The path where your Highest self belongs. It's a path that brings abundance, wholeness, beautiful love, encouraging support, inspired action and a powerful driving force of purpose. And it feels like worthiness.

Because you are worthy. You are worth the work it may take to get there. So don't drown out that inner knowing that there has to be more, better, because there is. And it's far closer than you think.

So start here. Start now.