Yes, cancer screenings at annual exams, are a good measure and step to take when aiming to prevent cancer. So is knowing early symptoms of cancer. In this article, we are going to be looking at eleven symptoms of cancer so you can be better prepared to catch cancer early and be proactive about your overall health.

11 Symptoms of Cancer

1. Bruises

If you don't remember falling or hurting yourself but have a bruise on your body, or if you see a bruise on your body that does not heal and go away, then it may be a good idea to get a doctor's opinion.

2. Sores

If a sore appears on your body and does not seem to heal and go away, seeing your primary care physician may be a good choice to make.

3. Moles

Freckles can be a good physical feature of what makes you, YOU, and that is beautiful - as are birthmarks and moles. However, if freckles, birthmarks or moles change in color, shape, size or starts to bleed without injury seeking medical advice may be a good decision in early cancer detection.

4. Lumps

If you observe a lump or growth in your breast, leg or another body part, it is always advisable to get it checked out.

5. Throat and Voice

Losing your voice is never fun and neither is getting a cough when you have a cold. But what if you get a cough and your voice is hoarse for more than three weeks? If you experience this, your body may be sending you a sign that your immune system is fighting something more than a cold. Seeking medical advice in this situation is advisable.

6. Eating Challenges

If you have a change in appetite and find yourself not having a decreased desire to eat, have challenges with indigestion or with swallowing - and did not have such experiences in the past, it could be an early sign of cancer.

7. Bathroom Challenges

If out of the blue, you start to experience frequently that you need to use the bathroom or changes in bowel or bladder habits - among other things, getting it checked out is a great cancer prevention measure.

8. Breathing Difficulties

If you live with asthma then you probably know what it feels like to experience shortness of breath. But if you don't have asthma, and you start experiencing shortness of breath, seeing a doctor about it might be a step in the right direction for your overall wellness and as an early cancer detection measure.

9. Unexplained Fatigue

If you are experiencing fatigue and tiredness at a different level than what you are used to or more tired than you would expect for the energy level that you use, consulting a doctor for cancer screening and early detection may be helpful. You may also find out that the unexplained levels of fatigue are from other health challenges outside of cancer such as anemia, or vitamin deficiencies.

10. Undetermined Weight Loss

Managing your weight through diet, nutrition, and exercise can lead to overall better wellness. But what if you start losing weight and you are not trying to? What if you cannot explain why you are losing weight? If this starts happening to you, it could be one way that your body starts to send you an early sign that your immune system is trying to fight off a type of cancer.

11. Blood in Unexpected Places

Blood running through your veins and delivering oxygen to all parts of your body is just one function among many that blood does for the human body. In your veins is also where blood should be. However, if you start to experience blood in unexpected areas in your body, it may be your body attempting to commuting about a cancerous cell development. Where might blood not belong? In your bowel movements, urine, saliva, bowel motions, or from spitting.

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