It is almost time for the kids are about to go back to school. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


A back pack should carry 15% or less of the child’s body weight.

                50 lbs. x 15% = 7.5 lbs. in the backpack.

If they carry big books back and forth to school every day, you may want to consider getting a second copy for home.

The heaviest items should be carried closest to the body. 

Both straps should be use so your child does not strain muscles.

Straps should be wide and padded. The straps should be adjusted so the pack is up against their body.

Remind them to stop at their locker often and removed extra items.

The back pack should never hang lower than 4” below the waist.

If your child’s posture is poor, then the pack is not correct. They should not have a forward head, one shoulder higher, and/or be bent forward at the waist/hips.

Back packs on wheels are a good option, if it is permitted by their school.


Our little people need 9-11 hours of sleep to recover from the daily activities and to process all the information from the day. Technology should be shut off 30+ minutes prior to bedtime, as it is linked to difficulty falling asleep. Have a designated quiet time for reading or another quiet activity prior to their set bedtime.

Sports and other Physical Activities:

Stretching and warming-up is very important (especially if the little people have not been as involved in organized activities over the summer). The recommendation is 10-15 minutes.

Posture in the classroom:

While sitting in the classroom, our students should try to have good posture. With good posture they will be less likely to strain their necks, shoulders and lower backs. 

Their shoulder blades should be down and back, chin should be tucked slightly, and their low back should have a gently C curve. Arching the low back and slumping forward are not good. The ear, shoulder and hip should be in a straight line.


If your student complains about soreness, tightness, or pain, visit your local chiropractor for a check-up of the muscles and alignment of the joints. Returning back to the classroom after a couple of months can be difficult on those growing bodies. Chiropractors can help.