Have you ever wondered how your family got to be the way they are? Do you question why you feel or think a certain way, but unable to fully understand or release the painful pattern?
Research now shows that trauma experienced by past generations continues to be passed down through the bloodline affecting you mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Essentially, you are carrying inherited trauma you were born with that can be triggered altering your experience of life, your choices, your emotions and your thoughts. These past ancestral traumas can be healed to transform your life.
I invite you to pause for a moment of reflection.
Place your hand on your heart and take a few deep breaths. Just allow the noise from the outside world to fall way. Become very present to your feet on the floor, how you are supported by the chair you are sitting in and allow your focus to turn to your family lineage.
What patterns do you see within your own family? Are their specific fears, phobias, mental beliefs, emotional or physical pain that is prevalent throughout your family line?
Allow yourself to see how the pain of the past is affecting you today. Look at how these inherited family patterns are affecting your children. Dive deeper and ask what will life look like for you and your future generations should these issues continue to go unhealed?
Take out a pen and paper and write down what showed up for you.

The pain, suffering and unhealed traumas within your ancient bloodline continues to contribute to the struggles, blocks and challenges that you experience in your own life, whether you are consciously aware of it or not. It can show up through a deep sadness, fear, particular thought forms, shame, guilt, addictions, abuse, co-dependency, entanglements, anxiety, physical ailments and much more.

You were born with these traumas. They are stored in the memory of your cells and will continue to be passed on to your children and future generations unless they are healed.
It is your responsibility to break the cycle of inherited family trauma. You can do this through Generational Healing™. 

Imagine being free from the pain that has been passed down through your own bloodline. What could change for you? What would be possible for your children and future generations if they no longer had to carry the burden and unhealed trauma your ancestors experienced?

Book a distance Generational Healing™ session today to free yourself and your lineage from the inherent generational trauma that is causing discord in your life.