Can acupuncture help with tinnitus? -

Can acupuncture help with tinnitus?

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Acupuncture can absolutely help with tinnitus. As it stimulates the body's self-healing abilities as long as the tinnitus is within the grasp of the body's healing potential acupuncture can make a difference. The only time when acupuncture is unlikely to have much effect is when the tinnitus is steady and constant and doesn't seem to be effected by anything. If it never changes for any reason it is likely beyond the ability of the body to heal, and thus acupuncture won't be particularly helpful.

I'm an intuitive Naturopath focusing on root causes of the body's imbalance. I look at body, mind and spirit. Especially emotional factors

I work very closely with an acupuncturist in my naturopathic practice on behalf of the clients. Acupuncture is beneficial for so many areas of the body, mind and spirit. Knowing which ear is effected can provide clues. Is it the left ear, the right ear or both. Acupuncture does help with Tinnitus but understanding the root cause of Tinnitus will also benefit an individual to help stop the issue.
For example: is it a food allergy? Are they missing key Vitamins, Minerals or Amino Acids?

Dr. Josh Blankman DOM
I'm a licensed DOM, that helps you get down to the root of the problem and address it by any means necessary, to achieve the best you.

Absolutely! Because acupuncture is about harmonizing the human body field, you may see results after one treatment or it may take more. Be patient Max S. And if you want help give me a call.

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Based on results my acupuncturist colleagues have seen, yes. Regardless of the type of practitioner you see, it's important they do a full health history to find the true cause rather than just chasing symptoms (even holistic doctors will chase symptoms from time to time). There are some neck exercises that can be supportive as well. Overall, make sure they address the state of your nerve system and spinal alignment of the upper neck given this is the area that controls ear, eyes, nose, throat, balance, mood, etc.

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