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Will acupuncture help with tight muscles?

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Acupuncture can help relieve tight muscles in a few ways:

In general, acupuncture can help release soft tissue constriction and loosen tight bands or "knots" in a muscle. This can be done with acupuncture, gua sha, or cupping.

More specifically, tight muscles can form trigger points, or hyperirritable bands of muscle that have pain referral patterns.
For example, a tight trapezius muscle can cause neck pain, jaw pain, and headaches (see: http://www.triggerpoints.net/muscle/trapezius). These need to be released via acupuncture. The muscle will involuntarily contract or release which will help return it to a more normal length and also reduce pain. There will often be soreness in the area for a day or two after treatment that feels like workout soreness.

On a deeper level, an overactive sympathetic nervous system can cause tight muscles. When we are in a sympathetic or "fight or flight" state, our heart rate speeds up, and our muscles tighten to prepare for action against the threat. Acupuncture has been shown to help balance the nervous system by calming the sympathetic nervous system and activating the parasympathetic "rest and digest" nervous system. This helps relieve muscle tension and relax the entire body.

As others have mentioned here it is important to identify the underlying cause of the muscle tension which can be things like an acute injury, overuse, chronic stress, poor posture, lack of movement/exercise, or lack of hydration/nutrients.

Approach the WHOLE YOU releasing chronic & systemic compensation patterns for lifelong healing. Remove the Issues from your tissues TODAY.

Hi Cliff, i'd love to hear your success rate with anything you've tried since this Q was posted. Muscular tightness, inflammation, extremely limited joint range of motion can shift VERY quickly when you approach the entire myofascial network as a system creating uniform tone across the body. With a specific spinal alignment within tissue strength, the body can repattern quickly which allows the nerves to feel less triggered & under duress. Once the fight or flight response dissipates, the chronic tightness can begin to ease around the skeleton allowing for more flow & lymphatic drainage to help carry out toxicity in the muscle tissues. I teach clients how to mold their own muscles/soft tissue to create more fluid like pumping through them as a way to help release this whole body tightening. The response is VERY fast & longlasting, it's a game changer, hands down. Let me know if you are curious to learn more. Good luck

Donald Matesz MSOM, L.Ac.
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Yes. Acupuncture can induce a systemic relaxation response which can relieve tight muscles. It is also important to remove the cause of the tight muscles, which can include incorrect posture, stress, overuse, nutritional imbalances, and muscle weakness due to sedentary lifestyle.

Jeffrey Callinan Jr. L.Ac.

Tight muscles can be due to many different factors. Some examples being posture, stress, trauma, inadequate hydration, repetitive movements, etc. One will want to have a healthy diet that implements proper nutrients for the muscles to be healthy and not develop tightness.

On top of the information listed above, Acupuncture does help with tight muscles. The needles themselves whether stimulated by manipulation or electrical stimulation can help alleviate the tight muscle fibers and return them back to a natural state when placed in the proper points of the muscle. However, it is also on the patient to be aware that they need to add or change habits that have caused this muscle tightness.

Hannah Guyon
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Tight muscles are a very common reason that people seek out acupuncture, and it can definitely provide relief! For this condition, I will frequently combine acupuncture with cupping, and instruct the patient on exercises and postural adjustments that will help to strengthen their back and address the potential root of the problem.

Dr. Chris Paliszewski
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It depends on what the cause of the tight muscles are! I've definitely experienced relief from muscle tension with acupuncture, but it can't replace a healthy lifestyle.

The most common sources of muscle tension that I find in my practice are lack of adequate hydration, insufficient mineral intake (especially calcium and magnesium), insufficient movement (aka exercise), and emotional stress.

While acupuncture doesn't replace hydration, minerals, or movement, it can absolutely help if all of the above are in place and there is still no relief. Some acupuncturists can also help with diet and lifestyle from a Chinese medical standpoint.

It's a powerful healing modality, but remember to do the basics first!

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