Curious where acupuncture needles are placed most commonly? -

Curious where acupuncture needles are placed most commonly?

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Donald Matesz MSOM, L.Ac.
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In my clinic, I primarily place needles in the forearms, wrists, hands, lower legs, ankles and feet. These are the most active acupuncture regions. Each acupuncture point is like a switch on an electrical circuit. With proper selection of points, you can increase blood flow through any ailing tissue of the body. Increased blood flow results in more nutrients delivered for healing, and more toxins removed. Each point also affects specific regions of the brain to affect specific tissues and organs. All points have a general affect of producing a relaxation response that facilitates healing.

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Edwin, thank you for this question. It is, however, difficult to answer. I can only speak for my own practice. Every patient comes in with unique physiology and symptoms. In addition to that, each patient shows up differently for each treatment. It is not possible for me to have a prescribed protocol to follow, as that would be serving me and not the patient.
That said, I do notice points that are most distal to center are used more than those more proximal. I hope this helps!

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