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Does soy agitate Crohn's Disease?

I have been really trying to tackle my crohns head on, and probiotics helped but they weren't a cure-all. Fasting helped too, partially I think because I just had no food to agitate my digestive system. But now I am wondering is soy is messing me up. I had sushi to break my fast and I had gluten-free soy sauce on my rolls to avoid the possible inflammation from the gluten proteins, but I am beginning to wonder if the soy itself was the issue. So, especially if you have crohns, does soy bother your digestive system?

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I would look into a ketogenic diet, paleo, or auto-immune paleo. I've heard that working for people. I was in mulitple keto groups for a while and saw this come up every now and then.

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It can vary from crohn's patient to crohn's patient, it has a risk of being a slightly more harsh protein for individuals in flare, but some people can tolerate it just fine. I would highly recommend eliminating it for a few weeks and attempting to reintroduce. Document symptoms and see if that may be a flare food for you

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Hi Maxwell - Crohn's disease is an inflammatory condition of the digestive tract and can affect any part from the mouth to the anus. So its important to remove ALL inflammatory foods - specially gluten and soy. Most soy available is non organic, and GMO and therefore comes with high risk of toxic inflammation. Soy proteins are a known allergen and are best avoided. Try liquid coconut aminos next time - they are a delicious substitute for soy sauce or source organic non GMO soy & soy sauce if you need to.

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