frequent and painful urnination -

frequent and painful urnination

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Amy Chadwick ND
As a licensed Naturopathic Doctor, I use integrative physiology to witness unique patterns, treat the root cause and support daily thriving.

It is really important to rule out a urinary tract/bladder infection with these symptoms. Your doctor can order a urinalysis to check for infection. If there is no infection, then it will be important to look at other causes for pain and frequency, which can include a number of possibilities, including but not limited to inflammatory disorders, food allergies, musculoskeletal or nerve issues, kidney stones and more.

Dr. Darren Roemhildt
Welcome to Bridges Chiropractic Health Clinic, formerly known as Bridge Street Chiropractic.

Consider Methionine supplementation. It's an amino acid that tends to prevent infection and kidney/bladder stone formation. Clinically I have never seen a patient have recurring issues once they have used it. Frequent use of tart cherry and or cranberry juice tends to limit symptoms as well.

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