Have you dealt with H.Pylori before? I am wondering on natural and effective ways to rebalance this bacteria in the stomach. Thanks. - Heal.me

Have you dealt with H.Pylori before? I am wondering on natural and effective ways to rebalance this bacteria in the stomach. Thanks.

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Susan Bare
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The stomach is now considered to be your second brain. It is important that you get this under control. How long have you had this? I would welcome a FREE 15-minute call to discuss the supplements to take and other courses of action such as adjusting the diet, continuing the exercises you are doing as well as gaining the peace and joy you want and need. The method of Energy Healing that I do (BEST) will aid you in the aspects you requested of spiritual, mental and physical awareness. I can also help you with the concern of your primary health including how to balance life in all aspects. I read your question and see there are a lot of things I can help with through mentoring as well. If you are tired of feeling like there is no one out there that can help you, please try calling me.

It is a specific process of providing the right remedy, at the right level, at the right time, in the right sequence.

This can be isolated and imprinted into a homeopathic remedy along with probiotics to rebuild the beneficial flora.

Connie Herkenhoff
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Natures Sunshine has a product called Herbal Hp fighter.. Any questions, gove me a call for assistance. 419-235-4510

Dr. Therese Walsh-Van Keuren
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There are extremely effective herbal remedies that reliably kill H. Pylori. I use 3 different Products lines that I like. Once you kill the bacteria, you can verify that it is gone (GI MAP Test) or not if you feel good and all your symptoms are gone, Then you must rebuild that gut lining and the the Barrier. So don't forget that step or you are extremely vulnerable to developing food allergies or more bacterial infections.

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A functional MD told me about mastic gum for h pylori. I personally would follow Stephen Cabral, ND's protocol to rebalance the body to be inhospitable to HP, which includes: mastic gum and 2 products he sells: citricidal drops and GI balance. Plus his candida and bacterial overgrowth protocol. He has a podcast about this. His approach to wellness is so impressive to me that I'm taking his certification program.

Susan Bare
I help you, heal you.

You should try Alkadophilus. Great for replacing the good bacteria in the stomach. Let me know if you would like to try it. I love their whole line of products no additives.

Are you tired of a bandaid approach to your health? Those approaches mask the symptoms without solving the root cause. Let me help you find the answer to true wellness.

I would use herbs to kill off overgrowth, use licorice (dgl) to coat and heal the stomach lining, and repopulate with a high quality liquid probiotic

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