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Hamstring Injuries

I have a lot of pain in my hamstrings. What can be done about this?

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Phoebe MacRae
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Hi Mark! Your question is from months ago now and I'm wondering if you have found a solution to your problem. As a NeuroMovement Professional I have some ideas for you. I understand things from a brain perspective and I would start by considering that everything you do, every tightness you feel, is something you have learned. Whether you meant to learn it or not!!

You need to learn an alternative way to move so your system doesn't "need" that pain warning you anymore. I'd be happy to help you with a free, online or phone consult if you are still searching for answers!

Sean McCann

Mark, you've had several great answers so far on this thread. I will simply add that acupuncture can be extremely useful for releasing muscular tension quite quickly. I use a number of techniques in my practice, including acupuncture, massage, herbs, dietary therapy, and exercise therapy, and time after time I find that nothing is faster and more effective for releasing tension in bound up muscles than acupuncture.

That being said, if this is a chronic problem, then you also likely have connective tissue adhesions, and these can be dealt with through a combination of hand techniques, acupuncture, and topical herbs.

Finally, as no muscle or tissue in the body is isolated from any other, it is important to unwind compensatory patterns and rebalance the muscles and connective tissue of the body as a whole over time. This way, the entire structure of the body is shifted into a new state of balance that aids the hamstrings in remaining supple and relaxed.

Alyse Rothenberg
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Usually hamstring discomfort has a lot do to with the lower back as well and the piriformis muscle. I suggest doing some stretches for hamstrings, piriformis and lower back. I also suggest getting a massage. Also, nutrition can cause discomfort in the body. Foods that are good to stay away from to see if it helps would be corn, gluten, dairy. Then to go even further, eggs, soy, and shellfish. Keep processed sugar very very low as well. Making sure your vitamins intake is good. Magnesium can help with cramps. Make sure your vitamin D levels are good as well.

Larry Mangel
NAMA Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner and Vedic Counselor

Try some beginner yoga classes or gentle forward bends with your hands on a wall. Start at 90 degrees and slowly walk your hands towards your feet. Slow is the keyword. Downward Dog can slowly help open the backs of your knees and hamstrings while lengthening your spine. When stretching your hamstrings engage your quadriceps by trying to bring your kneecaps up and inward. This should protect from over stretching while slowly opening them.

Amber Stevens, LMT, NBHWC
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Mark - can you explain the pain? Massage is super helpful, but so are your food choices. Do you hurt during movement? sitting? sleeping? Is it burning or stinging? I'd love to help you further but a little more insight is needed.

I am a EGCM Equine Gestalt Coach and Yoga instructor please review my website at Evolving Horse Pathways.com for more information. Also please go to Orange Door Yoga to review class schedules!

My answer is Yoga! I recommend very slow yoga stretches and holding for a number of breaths. Movements are determined by muscle, tendons, and ligaments. Yoga helps build muscle tone and improves tendon and ligament flexibility. This should be a slow process so one does not stretch tendons or ligaments beyond their normal length.
I have gentle yoga classes at Yoga West in Grand Junction. If you are familiar with yoga or you could google: Marichyasana I or Marichyasana III, Adho Mukah Svanasana (Down Dog) , Supta Padangusthasana (specific for ham strings) or get a beginning yoga DVD from the library and go slow and hold. There are many reasons to practice yoga, it helps physical health and vitality, relief from pain and emotional strength in hard times. Namaste !

Todd Austin
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I've found a combination of:
- cryotherapy,
- specific hamstring stretches (I have a demo video of a really good one on my clinic website),
- cold laser therapy,
- kinesio taping and
- chiropractic adjustments of the misaligned and/or inflamed SI or Sacro-Iliac joint (either on one or both sides based on chiropractic exam findings) to be most helpful.

Yours in health,
Todd W. Austin, D.C.
Virden, IL, USA

Neil Hall
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The Bowenwork Technique is usually successful in releasing hamstring tension and pain.
We also give you a very mild exercise that basically tells the body to release the tension.
We are located here in Abilene, you can give us a call. (325) 676-9227 Ext #2.

Nikki Ahmad

stretch it upwards, one leg at a time laying supine position. if you can massage it the kneading way (like kneading a dough) very gently, that may help too

I approach each person thoughtfully, finding out what may be helpful in each session of Massage,, Reiki, and/or Reflexology; Guided Imagery, Healing Harp. flute & voice.

analgesic topical lotions, like Sombra, or "Sore No More," which both contain similar active ingredients can help. Years ago I had chronic arm pain which I went to many different practitioners to try to find the answer for. In the end simple stretching and strengthening exercises at the gym as well as doing Self treatments of Reiki relieved it.

Erika Davey
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Hi Mark, I am a Health Coach and orthopedic Physician Assistant. Your hamstrings are a complex set of muscles in the back and inner thigh. They can affect your whole body, from posture and how you walk as well as contribute to low back and joint pain.

A great place to start dealing with hamstring pain is with stretching. Do you do physical activity or manual labor? It is important to stretch once you are warmed up and after activity.

Please contact me with further questions and to see if I can help you specifically.

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