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What are the advantages of a home birth?

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Sally Tennant
Mind/Body Practitioner & Life Changing Mentor

Jasmine, birth is traumatic for all of us and having a home birth could be advantageous as long as you have a really good midwife, there are no complications and the home environment is relaxed, loving and feels safe. I had a client who had her first child at home. Unfortunately, she allowed her mother to come for the birth and it stressed her out so much that she was in labor for 10 hours. She called me in desperation because she "couldn't push anymore." I do distance healing, so I tapped in and calmed her down. The baby was born within minutes. Just a story to help you to understand that being relaxed and having loving, supportive people around you is important. That being said, there are many birthing centers around with great facilities and wonderful staff. A newborn child is best served by being born into a loving, caring environment.
Not sure that this really answers your question, but felt that this information would be helpful to you.

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