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What can i do to support my wife during her pregnancy?

My wife and I just learned that we're expecting! :) It has been a long and difficult road to get here but after trying a billion "fertility hacks", its finally happening. Now, I just want to support her through this journey her body is going to go through. So what can I do, as her husband, to support her during the following 9 months?

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Hello, and Congratulations. What an amazing heart. My husband was amazing support for me. He would cook dinner when he could tell I had a long day. He would massage my feet softly which I loved. He always told me how beautiful I was as my belly grew and he would talk to our unborn child and read stories to him. I know that if you ask her she would gladly share with you each day what she is needing help with because each day is going to be different. I wish you two the best on this wonderful journey.

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First let me say-congratulations for asking the question! Some partners are not even interested in learning what helps, and the fact that you are is already a big plus! You are probably already doing a lot by just asking! if you ask her, she will tell you exactly what she needs! If this is the first pregnancy, and it seems to have been a difficult one, start by being grateful for it! Do a gratitude prayer talking to the divine and to the child to thank (him/her/them) for coming into your family. Help your wife get the exact type of delivery she wants (natural with midwife, traditional in the hospital or anything in between). Help plan the baby room and whatever she needs to be comfortable during pregnancy and after delivery. Be kind when she is not feeling well and please carry the groceries! :-) Anything that saves her energy, helps her eat healthier and sleep better will do wonders! Whatever helps you connect/love one another and the baby will just be great! It is helpful to maintain light exercise (if she can) during pregnancy in order to maintain flexibility in her joints because the hip will open and change a lot as she grows. You can safely provide some light back and foot massages and foot soaking (in warm water with salts) for relaxation (consult your doctor to be sure it is safe in her case). Congratulations to both!

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massage therapy with an experienced pre-natal therapist can help alleviate back pain and balance the pelvis to accommodate the weight gain and new posture. Body pillows for side-lying sleeping. not so late in the pregnancy (after 6th week), there is a hormone called relaxin that hormone that relaxes the ligaments in the pelvis for birth and remains in the system for a few months after birth. But, watch the ligaments in the thumb and wrist. Make sure not to put too much weight in the wrist and hand (e.g. getting out of bed) because that can cause tenosynovitis, such as De Quervain’s tenosynovitis in the thumb. Wrist splints can help if pain or weakness arises.

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Hey, we have a rub called Deep Blue that will support her as she starts to develop lower back pain. I have some other recommendations, but you'll thank me later for this one suggestion.

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