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How do I know if I need a doula?

4 Answers

Sabrina Johnson
Hello! I am a certified Foot Zone Therapist and Reiki practitioner. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your wellness journey

If you feel that you need the extra support that doulas offer, then yes! Doulas are a wonderful support for many things during a birth but especially for massage and emotional support.

Joelene Lemke
Hello, I'm Joelene. My coaching programs offer a safe and confidential space that empowers women to recover their physical and emotional core strength.

Hello, I would recommend a having a Doula. They offer wonderful support to you and your spouse in the birthing processes. My husband and I had a Doula for our sons birth. I had some complications but she was able to help us both remain calm and she educated us as to what was going on so we could make the best decision for our child. My husband and I would not have had it any other way.

Rachel Jimenez
As your doula my desire is to use my wealth of experience and my passion for supporting women and families

That's exactly what a doula does, provides support. Emotional (giving reassurance and encouragement based on her experienced knowledge of the birth process), giving unbiased information to help parents make informed decisions about their/and the baby's care, helping mom advocate for her needs and speaking up when necessary (although it's best if mom can speak up for herself and a doula can give her the space, encouragement and words to do that), and providing physical support with comfort measures like massage or counter pressure, recommending position changes for comfort or to help with baby's position and helping the labor to move more smoothly. A doula is there solely for the birthing mother/couple. Her job is to support their birth preferences and in so doing, hopefully they will have the experience and outcome they seeking.

Rachel Jimenez
As your doula my desire is to use my wealth of experience and my passion for supporting women and families

You probably won't know until after the birth :) Almost all women who use a doula say they found having her present as part of their support team helpful and research shows that the presence of a doula can decrease the risk of cesarean and other interventions including pain medications, and increases overall satisfaction and breastfeeding rates.

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