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Can fertility be improved with individualized diet and lifestyle changes?

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Anna Rathbun, NC
Are you exhausted, burnt out and tired? Does the term Adrenal Fatigue ring true for you? What's the connection between life stress and your indigestion, bowel trouble?

Yes, hormone imbalance, stress and toxins can contribute to infertility. Nutrition can use strengthening foods, supplements and lifestyle therapies to balance hormones, reduce stress and strengthen your own body against toxins. The healthier body you'll achieve is also great for carrying a healthy baby and caring for a healthy infant. Nutrition is a lot cheaper and safer than IVF therapy!

I am a Functional Fertility Dietitian passionate about explaining your "unexplained infertility" to finally get you pregnant!

The short answer is: absolutely.
Your fertility may only be as healthy as your overall wellness.

There are numerous body systems that impact one's fertility, both male and female. The wonderful thing is customized diet and lifestyle changes can drastically improve hormone balance, egg quality, sperm quality, and uterine environment.

Functional Fertility is the practice of addressing the body as a whole in order to optimize fertility. Gut health, estrogen detoxification, genetics, digestion, and adrenal health are just a few areas that Functional Fertility dives into in order to provide better answers for those looking or struggling to get pregnant.

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