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What are your favourite foods for iron deficiency? And what modalities are helpful in reversing iron deficiency?

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Phoebe Stewart, L.Ac, MTOM
I am a practitioner of Ancient Healing Arts such as acupuncture and herbalism. My goal is to bring awareness towards a balance-based approach to holistic healing.

For iron deficiency (and all anemia), I utilize Desiccated Liver Pills.

When our ancestors ate meat, they ate the whole animal- including the organ meat. Liver contains the one of the highest concentrations of iron in the world of food. While many people still eat and enjoy liver, many people do not enjoy the taste or texture. I find the Desiccated Liver Pills to be the perfect balance. They provide a naturally occurring source of iron without needing to restructure the entire diet.

Traditional Chinese Medicinal Herbal therapy utilizes the power of herbs to boost the iron content of the blood in the short term- while also treating the underlying hemoglobin deficiency and the imbalances that caused it. Proper herbal consulting can assist in bringing more oxygen to your blood cells, resulting in more normal blood oxygen and iron levels.

With herbalism, you may experience reduced brain fog and reduced exhaustion as well as an easier time exercising, sleeping, and maintaining energy levels.

Best of luck to you!

Patricia Walker
Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, Certified Leap Therapist

I prefer plant based iron sources such as spinach, whole grains and fortified grains such as cereals, breads and rice. Iron is better absorbed when combining with Vitamin C sources. Oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, leafy greens and bell peppers are great choices. Also it is best to separate tea and coffee as well as calcium from your dietary iron choices as these can reduce iron absorption.

I came to love Efficiently witnessing you allowing yourself to heal naturally.

I agree with the foods mentioned below. In addition I have had success with Organic Lemon Oil from peels under the tongue. I am guessing it helps with absorption on all nutrients and cleansing of plastic and toxins from cellular receptors. Be careful of the oil that it is not bringing in toxins! In addition, red cherries and grape juice. I do like liver and only use organic. Know your farmer/rancher and be sure your animals were cherished. Liver holds negative emotions. This is true for us as well and our own liver is key to the absorption of all nutrients as it is cleansing our blood and it is regulating digestion constantly. Digestion is also an emotional balance issue. What is hard for you to swallow? Did you feel worthy in the womb or in life?
There is a large emotional spiritual component of the blood also, its qualities, well being and receptivity. Courage and Kindness are qualities that allow it to flow well.
Each person is unique. Each system of the body must interact easily with the entire terrain. Well being is a fun and interesting process. I love to empower people to explore and improve.

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The food that has the highest amount of heme iron per gram is liver.
Besides that you can also find in shellfish and wild meats (venison or bison).
There are several ways you can enhance iron absorption from your diet:/
1. consume the foods with a source of vitamin C or other acidic ingredients (vinegar based marinade, tomato sauce, etc.)
2. avoid eating iron-rich foods with calcium-rich foods, calcium supplements or antacids, as these minerals can compete for absorption.
3. consider cooking in cast iron pans, which can "fortify" your food

Note that iron from animal foods comes in a form called heme iron, which is absorbed 2-4x better than plant-sourced non-heme iron. This is partly due to the form of iron and also because foods contain compounds that inhibit iron absorption, like phatic acid, oxalates, and certain polyphenols.

Betsy Lambert
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Iron deficiency is generally the result of multiple energetic imbalances in the body that need to be corrected for the body to be able to process iron ingestion successfully. The traditional foods that provide iron in the diet are green vegetables and red meats but that only works if the body can process the foods to extract iron from them. Supplements can work, too, but are not the best forms since the dosages may not be what the body needs at a given time.


Cooking your iron rich foods in a cast iron skillet is also a great way to get more iron.

Lisa Day-Lewis

Often the issue with iron deficiency could be due to the quality of food eaten and how it is absorbed and assimilated into the body. )Example if you are microwaving frozen food even if it is iron rich you won't be getting the benefit)

Yes, eating iron rich foods is important, but how your body is able to incorporate nutrients is and how the food is preserved and prepared is sometimes overlooked.

Ayurveda is known to be very effective at for helping to balance deficiencies in the body due to its focus on diet & lifestyle. If you would like to learn more please do not hesitate to reach out.


Kimosha Murphy

Blackstrap molasses was my goto for many years. Also Beets and with the beet-greens, if you can. Careful tho as bodies can have a reaction to large quantities. Consult a holistic dietician or often the juice bar personnel can advise on this. Please note, the blackstrap can cause constipation so "know thyself" and how your elimination is flowing ... or not. I have taken two tablespoons after dinner or lunch and recovered my healthy iron level according to bloodwork done at that time.

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Black Strap Molasses - that has worked for so many, including myself. The taste I do not care for, the results I do. Some do like the taste. When it is time to, I take a tablespoon followed by a chaser of anything - water, wine, juice, beer, whatever is handy. Normally, I will lick a spoon clean. Not in this case, and I allow myself to feel not guilty about rinsing any remainder. The idea is to get it down quickly, to avoid tasting as little as possible, and let the black strap molasses do its' magic, which for me, is typically within minutes - yes, minutes. There is more than one form of molasses, so be sure that it is the "Black Strap Molasses". Most health food stores carry and it can be ordered online.
Another factor to look at, is what is underlying why the iron deficiency? Finding the answers and releasing the imbalances could potentially make it go away, or mostly away, and quickly. It has for me. I rarely have the need for Black Strap Molasses now, and if I do, I look for more answers underlying that can be released, as another layer to look at has come up. Contact me for more details if that interests you. Living your best life is what I'm all about.
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Cynthia Kemper

Eating foods that are high in iron are selfish, spinach, liver and other organ meat, legumes, red meats, pumpkin seeds, quinoa, turkey, broccoli, tofu and dark chocolate. Finding the underlying reason why there is a deficiency and correcting the imbalance is most important. These foods can aide in raising the iron level.
Utilizing the body code and emotion code are great and finding the reason why the imbalance is present. Eating for your blood type and correcting this imbalance.

Jennifer Gebhard, ANP, HNP, AHN-BC, RH(AHG)
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First question, do you know what is causing your iron deficiency? The foods I recommend mostly to my patients are : black strap molasses, easy absorbing, not regular molasses. Can add to smoothies and cereals. Eggs with the yolk. The yolk is the part high in iron, they are now considered a super food. Spinach, Popeye was right. Dried fruitsRed meat, for non vegetarians. Many foods are iron fortified, ie cereals. You can google vegetarian iron foods for a list that is good for anyone.

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