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Joint Pain

What is the best thing to do for joint pain?

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Carolina Gutierrez
I approach each patient as a whole person, always listen to their particular necessities, pain, and complaints. The first visit with each patient includes a detailed, thoroughly evaluation.

Myofascial release (John Barnes approach) Myofascialrelease.com/findapractitioner

Dr. Beheshteh Zargaran
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A constitutional Homeopathic remedy can be very helpful.

Lisa Lillemoen

I and my clients use HGH Homeopathic Gel. It is the only over the counter HGH and it works amazing. If interested in more information I would love to chat.

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Consider having a food sensitivity panel, such as Elisa 184 Assay to determine food sensitivies that you maybe having, and eliminate those foods from your diet and observe the changes with your joint pain. Surprisingly, hidden food sensitivies can create more inflammation in your body and aggrevate joint pain.

Have your considered CBD Oil as an oral supplement as well? In tanden with cleaning up your diet and the use of CBD oil, I am sure you may reap the benefits, since CBD oil decreases joint pain too.

Phoebe MacRae
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After you have determined what may cause your joint pain (diet, repetitive actions, etc) and you stop these things, your nervous system may just "remember" the pain. Consider this- everything that we do is something we have LEARNED to do. Your nervous system has LEARNED that pain. You need to LEARN and explore NEW neural paths to resume pain free function.

Dr. Jennifer Shaw
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I definitely agree to find the root cause of the pain, then seeing what you can change about the cause to decrease the pain.
I also recommend decreasing the inflammation in the joint. I personally use Deep Blue Rub, Frankincense and Copaiba essential oils for this purpose topically on the joint as well as taking Frankincense and Copaiba internally.
I hope that helps :) Let me know if you have more questions!

Geri Winters

Finding out where the pain is coming from is a great first start. I discovered gluten was causing my joint pain. I removed gluten from my diet and almost never have joint pain. Sugar causes problems for a lot of people. And as April pointed out, nightshades cause problems for many people. It could also be dairy or nuts and seeds. All of these things can cause inflammation which can make any existing condition worse. So try eliminating one or more of these from your diet and see if the joint pain improves.

April Ricchio

Hemp oil is great because it doesn't give you a high so you can use it and drive, work, etc... Also look at your diet and see if you are eating a lot of nightshades as they can make joint pain worse. Ie, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers... As well as a diet heavy in processed foods can increase inflammation and worsen joint pain.

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